Work Out S02E04-05 (Bravo)

Life takes a strange turn after a birthday party for Doug and Erika.

This leads into a few weeks of low activities for all involved, except Jackie who wants to take things back in charge.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.


Doug was admitted to the hospital for a serious medical condition and induced into coma because his kidneys were shutting down. This happened during a double birthday celebration for himself and Erika. Erika was contacted to do an Angelina Jolie look-a-like photoshoot. Jackie is busy with her strange dating life and finding a new location for Skylab.

Right after the party, Doug is admitted to the hospital.

(Admittedly, he was supposed to be doing better, but he passed away early this year, on January 22nd 2007.)

All of the trainers are feeling down.

Meanwhile, Jackie is dating two people at the same time and needs to relax. She tries yoga, but to no avail.

She goes back to her Skylab clients and finds out that none of them have been working out as they should. Also they have been lying on their eating diaries. So Jackie takes them all in hand herself. All of them, except 3 have gained significant weight.

Gregg disagrees with the way Jackie analyzes the weight of their Skylab clients. Jackie schedules another “retreat” with their Sky Lab clients. They go to Lake Arrowhead and do some ice skating. Everybody falls down a few times.

Jesse is jealous of Rebecca’s new position with Jackie. He has a lot of negative emotions that guy; first with Doug and now with Rebecca. Jesse takes to another level during their first dinner at their retreat. The constant bickering makes everybody uncomfortable. Rebecca throws a glass of water in Jesse’s face after he calls her a slut and a poster for hookers.

Jackie and Rebecca take it upstairs after dinner.

Jackie handles the situation with class. The clients come up to the Lake and do a hike. Jackie brings in a therapist to talk to the Skylab clients and the trainers.

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