The Tail End Of A Spin

The weekends always go by so quickly.

I have been watching Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 2 recently. I have been reconstructing my DVD collection after moving to Taiwan. It’s an ongoing process. I had 250 DVDs, 1200 CDs and 600 vinyls.

I had actually forgotten that I had Star Trek Enterprise and Voyager already.

It’s funny how you forget things.

The above photo is from TC from poagao. He takes good pictures. I think he uses a fisheye lens on some shots.

It’s sad that there is currently no ongoing Star Trek series. I have had a Star Trek series going on during my life most of my adult life.

I am currently reading Against A Dark Background By Iain M. Banks. I’m enjoying it a lot.

The main character Lady Sharrow keeps getting abducted. I find that funny.

I still have Inversions and Feersum Endjinn to go from Banks.

After that, it’s onto Zodiac and Cobweb by Neal Stephenson.

Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell is next by Susanna Clarke. I’ll have to find time for The Difference Engine by William Gibson.

Then, it’s back to Neal Stephenson with his Baroque Cycle.

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