Painkiller Jane S01E02 (Scifi)

Beggars can’t be choosers.

With that in mind, I tackle the second episode of Painkiller Jane, hoping it will improve this time. The team’s doctor still doesn’t know what’s up with Jane, and why she can regenerate so fast. She has a healing factor.

(In my opinion, it hasn’t really improved. But what are you going to do about it? Some shows take a few episodes before kicking it off. I seem to remember that Blade wasn’t too hot until I really got into it.)

I still haven’t seen the original Scifi movie that launched this series.

(I got it, but I think it’s in German. Since I am fluent in that language, it doesn’t really matter but I’ll watch it.)

Warning: Spoilers ahead.


Jane is restless and she needs a major distraction.

The team is investigating a new type of neuro that can not be killed. They have been spotted by surveillance trying to get munitions and supplies. It has something to do with the inauguration of a new building where VIPs would be there as well as the President.

The feds have set up a sting operation to catch this guy and the team has a beat on it thanks to their hacker, who manages to make hacking look stupid. (No one types like that.)

The team hijacks the truck in which the body is transported. The body isn’t the one that they wanted, it has been dead for over 5 weeks. By examining the tomb, they see that the body broke out of the grave. So logically it was possessed by a neuron.

There is a string of bodies going missing, all were 30 year old and in great health. The team suspects that they were all special ops.

Jane is distracted. She is hanging around with her strange neighbor. The team had notified the cemetery grounds people and they get a lead on a new dead body trying to leave the cemetery.

The reanimated dead body was trying to get into a warehouse. When the reanimated body tries to fight, it overpowers Maureen and when it’s about to hit Jane, the neuron ebbs his influence away. The team discovers sporting good inside the warehouse.

While the team is otherwise occupied, another body is reanimated and making its way around the city.

They stake out the ceremony and Jane believes that the team is covering the wrong angle. She stays home at base and does some more research that pans out. She discovers that the neuron is a young boy, Eric who knew the last walking dead.

She finds a map at his house and goes to his “staging area”. He plays with soldiers, real life soldiers that died before. He is making war for fun with dead bodies.

The team ruins Jane’s plan and interferes. They plan on killing the neuro. They succeed in apprehending him, but not before the kid Eric tries to kill them with his “toy soldiers”. He survives and the team is fine.

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