Raines S01E06 (NBC)

Raines becomes even more introspective and disturbed when he “meets” this week’s victim.

Wise beyond her years, because she is generated by Raines’ imagination, she tells him of what will happen to him if he doesn’t talk about his problems.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

//***************Spoilers*Ahead***************************Raines is thinking about danger. Relative danger.

The victim is a 10 year old girl who was stuffed in a duffel bag. She died of a broken neck. Emily Strong was reported missing.

After a cursory examination of her room, Raines discovers that she has been IM a lot of people. Her dad didn’t want her to, but her mom gave her access. He then proceeds to question Grace, a girl with whom Emily was hanging out.

Charlie Newman, a convicted child molester, was spotted near the girls while they were near the beach. Raines questions him.

Raines confirms that the girl was molested. It plays into Raines’ regrets about not having any children. Detective Boyer is very determined to be useful on this case.

The father hasn’t told his wife yet. Judy Strong says that there was a handyman at their house a couple of weeks ago, named Charlie Newman. They find him stabbed in the eye at his apartment.

The dead molester is playing with the dead kid in Raines’ mind. He is acting very strange. Boyer is trying to talk to Raines, but the scene plays out until Emily shoots the molester and has a strange diabolical smile.

While Newman is making his case to Raines, Emily shoots him again. Raines’ hallucinations are fighting it out, over whose case Raines will investigate.

The logical suspect is the girl’s father. They can’t find the father, so they put out a warrant for his arrest. They just got a DNA match from Emily’s crime scene matching Charlie Newman’s.

The girl’s 4th grade teacher corresponded with her. They couldn’t find anything on him.

The father is spotted at the zoo. He’s got a gun and is threatening to kill himself. After the child molester is killed, they have to arrest the father, who is suspected of killing the molester. Henry, the father, confesses to it right away.

Raines is able to talk down the father from killing himself.

Boyer says that he hates the job, but that is why he took the job, with cases like these. That is why he was so driven to find the killer of the girl.

Raines goes to his session with Dr. Cole. It helps him out. He lies and says that he doesn’t see the victims, when asked by the good doctor.

Emily is still there, because Raines lied to the doctor. Raines says that he wants to keep his job, he could loose it. She says that if he doesn’t, he will probably loose his job anyway.

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