Sunday Night Pizza, Minimalism And Interestingness Flickr Revue

On Sunday night, I got a call from Mark. He was planning on meeting TC and Franc at Alleycats.

I joined them up after a quick cab ride to Fuzhong MRT station (府中站) from Shulin (樹林市).

I hopped on the MRT and arrived at Zhongxiao-Dunhua MRT (忠孝敦化站) at around 7:30PM.

It was good.

The pizza was OK, but nothing crazy. I actually think their wraps were better. I had a Basil Pesto wrap. It was pretty good.

The pizza was lacking tomato sauce. It is symptomatic in Taiwan. However, it was thin crust and fresh, so that made up for it.

There was some good conversation about a lot of different things.

After the meeting, I took the time to read TC’s Tales From the Renegade Province.

(I also checked out his latest pics.)

A must read for anyone living in Taiwan.

I took some photos, but I haven’t had time to upload them. Some of them turned out OK.

It rained today.

It was hot and wet. I took an umbrella and wore my baselayer and quick dry shirt that I got for my birthday. I tried to decide between an ultra compact umbrella or a normal large sized one. When I heard the amount of rain outside, I took the larger one.

It was a bit hectic to get there on time, I didn’t take the train because I would have had to wait for it for a few minutes; the train is rarely there when you want it to be, however there is a schedule and normally every 15 minutes, a local train comes by.

My wife has been experimenting with HDR. I guess it’s high time that I do so as well, since I am all geared up with a Nikon D200 and a 18-200mm VR lens.

I am still discovering the use of my lens, but I do want to take a few HDR pictures in the upcoming weeks. Maybe take a picture that will become part of a pool of headers that I will create for the upcoming May 1st reboot.

I have to say that I haven’t really had the time to think about what I will change. There are a few small changes that I will implement to make the them leaner and more minimal.

Yep, you read it right Mark, I am fan of minimalism and minimalistic design. Always have been.

There is a sort of elegance in simple designs, which are much harder to accomplish than over cluttered ones.


I find that going through other people’s photos on flickr is really helpful, because you see what is possible.

I love the long exposures and the HDR photos of landscapes that I have been seeing.

My wife and I noticed that when we take HDR shots, the noise of high ISO shots is reduced significantly in the resulting images, through Photomatix. That’s not a bad side effect.

I love how through photography, the world that you see through the lens is warped sometimes. One of the main reasons why I started taking pictures was to capture the dreamy quality of night photography, which is why I still love taking pictures in the dark.

Speaking of which, what the heck is going on with Zooomr? I thought that they were supposed to start Mark III on March 13th 2007.

What happened?

Zooomr Mark III, what happened by CFO Kristopher Tate:

Hey Friends, I’m back from Japan and on my way back to San Francisco! Many of you have wondered why the Zooomr Mark III Release has been delayed and it simply has to do with a 3rd Party Storage Provider being too slow for our liking and ultimately its sluggish response times. The extra time has been spent scaling our in-house infrastructure and recoding ZM3 to use our in-house storage engine, the “ZMD”.

Lately I have been thinking about Chartreuse and all the great people I met through his blog. It looks like we will never really know what happened and that Prince Campbell has sunk back into the depths of obscurity. For a time, his blog rocked. I read it every day and it influenced me as a blogger.

Content is key.

How much time do I spend blogging?

Not more than a few hours a day, but I do spend a lot of time creating content.

Most of the time, I create content on M$ Word, and then cut and paste it through Notepad to get rid of all the M$ jumble.

I have at least 4 more paperblogs ready to go. I just need to find good places to photograph them.

I am almost finished with Feersum Endjinn by Iain M. Banks. I only have Inversions left. I’ll probably have to order Use of Weapons, The State of the Art and Look to Windward.

It’s good, but there are parts of the book that I actually dislike to read, the parts relating the tale of Bascule the Teller.

They are written in a strange phonetic English, which is really hard to read. I hate when that happens in novels. When I am reading a novel in English, I expect the whole novel to be in that language, not some strange IM type slang.

* * * * *

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