Doctor Who S03E03 (BBC)

The Doctor returns to a much grittier New New York.

Martha is kidnapped and the Doctor has to investigate what really happened on New Earth.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.


The Doctor and Martha end up in New New York, billions of years into the future, where people have been caught up in gridlock on underground highways for thousands of years. They live and die on the underground highways.

After getting kidnapped by some strange motorists, the Doctor investigates and learns that a strange degenerative race of beings is actually feeding on the motorists; the Macra. Martha was kidnapped so that the motorists could use the fast lane.

New New York’s population was completely killed off by a virus. The Head of Boe is there, supporting the infrastructure. He can not maintain this pace for long. That is why he sent Novice Hame to get the Doctor.

The Doctor is able to juryrig the system and let the population out of the underground highways and back into New New York, where the virus has disappeared a long time ago.

The Head of Boe lets the Doctor know right before he dies that he is not alone and that there are other Timelords alive out there in the universe. He reveals this to Martha, after she insits on being told. He tells her of Gallifrey and the Time War that killed his species.

The Wiki page for this episode goes into a lot more detail than I really want to.

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