Doctor Who S03E04 (BBC)

The Doctor’s most fearsome enemy makes its return…

The Daleks are back!

And they are taking Manhattan!

In the 1930s!

Warning: Spoilers ahead.


The Doctor and Martha end up in New York, 1930, where a lot of people have gone missing from Hooverville, the economic refugee shantytown that started up in Central Park.

We see that the developer is actually working for the Daleks, who are using a pig-race to help them out. The developer Mr. Diagoras hired the homeless from Hooverville to repair the sewers. In fact, they are the bodies that the Daleks need for some experiment.

The Daleks want to destroy New York permanently, because all through time, different versions of the city keep reappearing. Mr. Diagoras is summoned by the leader of the Daleks.

The leader is Dalek Sec, leader of the Cult of Skaro. They seize Diagoras.

The Doctor and his companions get chased by the pig race. They meet Tulula and her tales about a missing boyfriend Lazlo.

Hooverville is up in arms about the people that they lost in the sewers.

The Daleks want to turn or mutate the humans into Daleks. Their leader Sec sucks up Diagra into himself. There is a discussion among the four surviving Daleks about the purity of the Dalek race, but the leader says that this is why the Cult of Skaro was invented, to imagine new ways for the Daleks to survive.

The Doctor discovers that the life form that they discovered in the sewers is has actually been engineered. He finds out that the DNA from this life form is from Skaro, the Daleks’ homeworld.

The Dalek leader’s solution is failing. He can not join with the human.

The captured humans are separated into two parts, the people who will become pig slaves and the ones that will be part of the final experiment. The Doctor joins up with Martha again and they make their way to the transgenic laboratory.

It looks like the Dalek leader Sec was able to accomplish his goal after all and merge with the human Diagoras. A new life form appears, a hybrid between human and Dalek.

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