Drive S01E04 (Fox)

As I mentioned earlier today, the show Drive was canceled on Fox.

It will be pulled immediately and the last few episodes will be shown during the summer.

It’s too bad, but what can you expect after The Black Donnellys was canceled?

Warning: Spoilers ahead.


After finishing first on the last leg of the race, the racers see a video. It promises a head start challenge to the most improved racer. And that is Alex Tully. Corinna is weary of taking it, but Alex pushes onwards.

Ms. Brenthouse and her friend are eliminated from the race. All the other racers are using the clue “Surrender, America” for the next location. The soldier is trying to get in contact with his base, to find out more about his dead comrade. His wife is trying to stop him, because she doesn’t want him to find out that she is AWOL.

Alex figures out that they have to rob a bank in order to get to the next clue. They spot their quarry, safety deposit box 606, but have no way to access it without getting into problems.

Wendy gets news from the safe house where her son is hidden from his father. She has to get to Ohio to get her son. But her fellow traveler Ivy pulls a gun on her. The soldier gets in touch with his ex-commander.

In actuality, his wife was not in the army; his unit had been recalled for active duty in Iraq. He is the one is AWOL. He will get court-martialed when he gets to Fort Benning. That is why his wife has been hiding the cell phone and keeping him away from any form of communication.

The brothers are arguing again. Tully and Corinna decide to contact the brothers to help them rob the bank. The two women from New Orleans who were eliminated find the soldier. We learn that Ivy can’t drive. The soldier Rob is upset with his wife, Ellie. Rob is upset because the penalty for going AWOL during wartime is execution. Rob throws the race phone out of the window.

Winston’s plan is bogus.

His brother figures out the clue. And Sean is giving them the clues to bust the vault, with his IT background. Sean tells them that they only have to hack into the bank manager’s computer.

The two New Orleans women get run off the road by race officials. In the last scene, we see that the truck is driving into their car, crushing them. Susan is dead. Ellie continues onward to where General Lee surrendered.

The robbery doesn’t go as planned when a security officer spots the thieves. There is a shootout and Sean gets hit and the officer is dead. Sean is loosing a lot of blood. Tully tells the others to take a motel room while he takes care of Sean’s last chance.

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