Painkiller Jane – The Movie (Scifi)

This is the TV movie that led to the new series Painkiller Jane on Scifi with Kristanna Loken.

Personally, I thought that the movie was good.

I just hope that the series will get better in a few episodes.

Please read this post if you want to know more about Painkiller Jane.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.


Jane Browning is in charge of her unit in Chechnya. She is running a military op. Her team is about to destroy a heroin lab, but Jane notices that it really isn’t a heroin lab. They are experimenting on humans with strange drugs and serums.

They find a bunch of men that have black on black eyes. The unit’s orifices start bleeding. The whole unit is compromised by some form of bioweapon. As they make their way out, they are confronted by a team of bio hazard protected soldiers.

The officer in charge starts shooting at the soldiers and a firefight ensues. This is actually a lot better than the TV show. They had a lot more budget for this version of the comic book. Jane is shot multiple times and falls to the ground.

Jane wakes up in a military hospital in Virginia, fit as a fiddle. She has been out of 5 days. She learns that her team is dead. Only she survived. Or so she thinks. She starts questioning why she is here and why her wounds are all healed up.

She is there so that the army can find out what happened to her and how she is healing so fast. She meets Graham Knight a so called external expert of bio-toxicology.

We learn that she was raised by an older sister and that her parents are dead. That is different from Jane’s situation in the TV series. They run a lot of tests on Jane. Lots of cool shots and dramatic music. Jane in a biotank.

Dr. Knight discovers that her immune system is on steroids and that she is different from anyone else on Earth. Also, she isn’t contagious. She is moved from one cage to another, more comfortable cage. At least she has a view.

The other agency involved wants to find out what happened to Jane and how they can reproduce that experiment. In her cell, Jane’s eyes go black and she starts seeing strange things.

Her sister comes to visit. Carla wants to know what’s up, but Jane tells her it was a bad idea to come visit her. While out running, Jane is discovering her new abilities. She seems to have improved senses, stamina, strength and dexterity.

She tests out her healing factor.

She asks to know the truth from her commander. He tells her of Peter Erfan. Jane goes into an information gathering trance and captures all of the info from her commander. Erfan was specializing in biochemistry, bio-pharmacology and bio-toxicology.

Erfan was working on something new and that was which what she was infected. But her commander tells her that she will be shipped to Alaska, so that she will be more secure.

Dr. Knight tells her that they will never let her come back. On her way to the airport, she sees something in the distance in a hangar; a KTM motorcycle. She is able to project her senses in a limited fashion.

When the owner’s bike doesn’t let her take off with it, she has to get on the back and partner up with him. The KTM bike chase was great. She learns that her new partner is a thief. Jane falls unconscious.

Her friend is Nick. She meets the gang. She recovers from her wounds and discovers new things about her new friends.

Meanwhile, the army wants her either contained or destroyed; if they can’t have her no one will.

Jane escapes and takes the thieves money with her. She tries to find Dr. Graham Knight, only to find out that he researcher gave her a false name. She examines her memories and is able to find a clue. She goes to the Capital Dome Hotel to find the false Dr. Knight.

The false Dr. Knight is from military intelligence and tells her that they are investigating her commander, Kernel Watts, who is believed to be running the bio program secretly in the USA. He invented Erfan so that he had a scapegoat to blame. His name is Captain Lucas Hemsley.

The Kernel visits Nick and tells him to call him if Jane ever comes back. Jane is back on her playground. Her sister comes by. A strange person is observing Jane as she makes contact again with Nick.

Carla makes contact with the Kernel so that Jane can have the lowdown on why the Helmsley implicated him. He has been found out, because they found the real Knight’s body with his throat slit.

She confronts the Kernel, but it looks like Helmsley was actually double crossing everyone. The Kernel tells her that Helmsley is Erfan.

The mysterious man comes out of nowhere to shoot the Kernel, but Jane saves him. She noticed seconds before that they were surrounded by undercover security personnel. She doesn’t know on which side they are. Definitely not on hers.

The Kernel is shot, as well as Jane. Some of her blood mixes into the Kernel’s wound and we see that his flesh starts repairing itself.

She meets Erfan after she confronts the shooter. She shoots the shooter and has a short discussion with Erfan, before the shooter knocks her out. They try and kidnap her, but she jumps out of the helicopter with Erfan, supposedly to their deaths.

Jane naturally survived. She is given money, a new identity and background by the Kernel.

Erfan isn’t stupid. He injected himself with the serum a long time ago before he was going to confront Jane. He survives and is selling his biotechnology to Asians.

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