24 S06E19 (Fox)

A building near Guting MRT station in Taipei, Taiwan.

Jack is executing is daring plan to save Audrey Raines, but will it be enough so that he can rescue her?

Meanwhile, political fallout is hitting CTU and unexpected things are happing because VP Daniels is now in charge.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Same building, different angle.


Jack is able to disable the tracking device on his truck. Chloe is asked to be part of the team once more. The media is informed of the President’s condition. It looks like Tom Lennox is in trouble. But it is shown that they are both working together once more, after Daniels examines what Lennox will do with the recording. They talk about Karen Hayes.

Bauer calls Chang and sets the place of the exchange.

Doyle figures out where Jack is heading. Chloe is having problems with Morris.

Peter Hawk, a DOJ representative, is questioning Reed Pollock, Tom’s chief of staff who orchestrated an attempt on President Palmer. He is here to talk to Hayes about her husband. She is told that Bill Buchanan had Fayed in custody. This was years ago.

Hayes is in trouble because she “blue-coded” Fayed’s file. She is told that either Bill or herself will be blamed for this, as they were responsible that Fayed was released.

Lennox tells her that Bill’s a goner.

Bauer is arming the bomb. He phones Bill and leaves a detailed message to tell him that the circuit board will be incinerated in the ensuing explosion. He says his goodbyes. In Bill’s office, Morris requests a transfer away from communications. Bill phones Karen and he learns that they DOJ is out for blood. She is firing him. Needless to say, Bill isn’t happy.

Doyle is still searching for Jack. He spots Jack’s truck.

Bill informs Nadia that he is stepping down as director of CTU. He tells her that she is acting director. He tells her it’s just politics.

Doyle thinks he is at the right spot and this is confirmed by the limo that just pulled up. Bauer and Chang meet. Bauer sees Audrey. They are reunited. His plan is to have Audrey leave to a nearby cab and blow himself and Chang up.

The wild factor is Doyle. Bauer hands over the circuit board and Doyle shoots the sniper. Gunfire is heard. Bauer is shot once more. Chang makes is out in one of the Hummers. They launch a SAM and take out a chopper. Jack is still alive.

Chang has the sub-circuit board. Nadia orders Jack arrested. It looks like something is wrong with Audrey.

* * * * *

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