Jericho S01E19 (CBS)

A building near Alleycats Pizza Restaurant. I like the top part of it.

As if Jericho didn’t have enough problems with Ravenwood and other parties, it looks like things are not going to well with their neighboring town of New Bern.

In town, people are acting strange because of all the danger that they are facing.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Same area, different building. I took it while walking there.


It’s been a few weeks since ten men of Jericho have left to construct the wind turbines. The turbines finally arrive. And the men of Jericho are finally returned. Eric didn’t come back. Stanley tells Jake that Eric will be staying in New Bern. He also mentions that things are not right in New Bern. Eric has been missing for 3 days.

Jake takes Hawkins with him to New Bern. Hawkins tells Jake that they will be doing things his way. At the border of New Burn, there is a small standoff until Jake is brought inside to meet Sheriff Constantino. In New Bern, Jake and Hawkins see how bad the situation is. Jake suspects Ravenwood.

Constantino is telling Jake about the rumors they have been hearing about Jericho. How they didn’t tell them about Ravenwood.

Skylar took her share of the salt and the mayor isn’t happy about it. He tells her to bring it back.

Back in Jericho, Hawkins’ wife took over a shift on the radio. There have been some reports about riots in Chicago.

In the New Burn factory, Jake is told that his brother and Heather have gone back to Jericho this morning. This all smells like a set-up. One of Jake’s friends, Ted, asks him to meet him to tell him some information. The apprehend Perkins, the deputy sheriff, staking out Ted’s place.

Hawkins gets ready to interrogate Perkins with some reverse psychology and some torture. Perkins tells him that Heather and Eric sabotaged the New Burn factory. Perkins doesn’t know what is in the factory, but he tells them that Constantino must know.

Hawkins wants to go to the factory. He tells Ted to leave ASAP. They chain Perkins to some pipes and leaves. Hawkins tells Jake that it’s the fear of torture that gets results. Torture only works in the movies.

Jake and Hawkins make their way inside the restricted area and discover strange things. They discover a board of targets in Jericho. When they turn it around, they discover a map slicing up Jericho as if they owned it already.

Skylar presents the mayor with papers saying that she is an emancipated minor. She wants her part of the mine, but themayor will not agree.

New Burn is getting ready to assault Jericho. Their factory is a munitions factory. Jake gets another bright idea, to try and delay them but doesn’t really know what he is doing. Either that, or he wanted to buy Hawkins some time to do some damage. He finds Eric in the prison cell.

Russell comes to see the mayor with his deal with Skylar. The mayor is against it and sends his deputies to the mine. But Russell tells him that he already has his men at the mine. He wants to sell the salt from the Jericho mine in exchange for 25% stake in the mine.

Eric tells Jake that Heather is dead. Both sons of Johnston Green are brought out to face the mob of New Bern.

* * * * *

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