Jericho S01E20 (CBS)

An apartment building near Guting MRT.

This is the second part of how things went sour with the town next door, New Bern.

Johnston and Russell get involved to get Eric and Jake out of New Bern.

Will Eric last that long and how will Hawkins help them out?

A character from Jericho S01E15 reappears.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Same building, different angle.


There is a standoff at the salt mine between Russell’s forces and Jericho.

Jake is being interrogated by Constantino, but he doesn’t learn anything. The fake private is being held in New Bern as well.

Things are getting out of hand at the salt mine. There is a shoot out and a few people are shot. One of the New Bern people is killed. Johnston and the mayor are finding out what the problem is in New Bern.

Jake sees Maggie in the New Bern jail cell. Maggie is already asking the wrong questions. Smells like another set-up. She come with this elaborate scheme so that she will be released.

They are beating the shit out of Eric. They are torturing him as well with electric shocks. He agrees to Maggie’s crazy scheme. Perkins tells his deputy to kill Maggie if Ted and Hawkins aren’t at the cabin. It’s looking bad for her, because Hawkins and Ted are in New Bern.

Johnston and Russell arrive at the New Bern border. They talk a bit and Constantino tells Johnston that they have both of his sons in New Bern. Things are not looking good.

Maggie is handcuffed to the car, while the deputy goes into the cabin. Hawkins comes running out of the cabin with a gun and Maggie nearly craps her pants.

Eric is not looking too good after his little session with the deputies. Eric tells Jake that they want to know details about Jericho’s defenses.

Dale and Skylar continue their little mini drama. It’s not even worth mentioning.

Hawkins puts his plan in action. He wants to blow the munitions depot. Hawkins takes charge of a truck carrying ammo. He improvises a trigger.

Johnston is escorted out of town without seeing his sons.

Maggie surrenders herself once again and is able to take the keys off a guard. Hawkins positions his detonation device, his truck filled with mortar ammo. He rigs the truck so that it will run into the factory.

There is a loud explosion as the factory explodes. Constantino moves Jake and Eric to the factory. Ted runs away because he can’t do this. Hawkins has to do everything himself. It’s just another wet works mission for him.

He takes out sniper and two guards and is able to liberate Jake, before another sniper opens with a few bursts of gunfire to wound him in the shoulder. They are all pinned down by automatic fire, until Maggie distracts them and is shot in the leg. Jake is able to get his guy.

Then Johnston arrives in the chaos and rallies the Jericho troups onto his yellow truck. They make their way to the railway point that Russell told them about. It’s a safe way out of town.

Gale and Mary make up.

The Jericho band make their way back to town, after they dumped their truck.

* * * * *

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