Suitcases In Guting

Today, after teaching, I met my wife in town and we had a bite to eat before meeting Daniel for a small get-together.

It was a fun, albeit short soirée. We arrived a bit later than I expected.

I had to eat something after teaching. I didn’t have enough food that day.

We stopped at Dante Coffee and I had some BBQ ribs. They were ok. I like that shop. They have a nice variety of stuff.

And since there is one near my work place, I often stop there before heading up to eat a bite.

I have continued paperblogging during the day, it’s quite fun and relaxing. Buying the Pitt Faber-Castell pens was a good idea, it adds a touch of color that was needed.

I am also thinking about a neat way to present them in the following days. It should be interesting.

I have a full weekend this week.

That is really nice. No need to get up or do anything, but read, watch a few things and cook a few dishes.

I can’t remember the last time that I had a whole weekend off.

And on Tuesday, it’s labor day in Taiwan, so I get that off as well.

I am looking forward to doing some more serious writing, paperblogging, photographing and a few other things, to get the creative juices flowing.

I took about 100 shots this week.

Some of them turned out pretty good. I still have to upload them.

I should get around doing that this weekend.

I am still enjoying Pandora’s Star by Peter Hamilton. I still have 600 pages left and the sequel, Judas Unchained to finish. I haven’t bought that one yet, but I’ll probably have to go get it in a few days. I can’t imagine finishing Pandora’s Star and having to wait to get Judas Unchained. On top of that, since I have some time off during the weekend, I imagine that I’ll probably finish Pandora’s Star by Sunday, if not sooner. I should have probably takent the time to get Judas Unchained this week, but I wasn’t sure if I was going to enjoy Peter Hamilton.

It’s really good to discover new authors and read new books. I opens my mind and thoughts to new ideas.

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