Lost S03E18 (ABC)

Jack is settling into his life on the beach again, but people aren’t as trusting as before. Something is wrong.

Meanwhile, Juliet continues her infiltration of the beach and finds someone to study even further.

This is a Sun-centric episode, revealing details of her past with Jin, after their recent marriage.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.


It was revealed last episode that Sun was pregnant, even if she was told it would be impossible to conceive.

In this Sun-centric episode, we see that Sun was being blackmailed by some strange woman about Jin’s past. He is the son of a fisherman and a prostitute.

In the present, the other strange woman says that she is dying in Spanish. Hurley launches a flare and makes the situation worse for the camping team while they debate on how to save the woman.

Mikhail reappears running towards the original launch point of the flare gun. He runs off, but Jin catches him and apprehends him. Mikhail was supposed to be dead. He offers his help as a field medic. His price? His escape as if nothing had ever happened.

Sun learns that all pregnant women die on the island from Juliet. I still can’t believe that they have let her stay in their camp.

In the past, Sun was able to find Jin’s father. She finds out that Jin’s mother is alive as well, but his father asks her to spare Jin this shame.

Juliet comes to Sun to giver her answers about the pregnancies. She takes Sun to the medical station to examine her. Sun says that Jin wasn’t fertile. And that the baby isn’t his. She had an affair before she left.

In the flashback, Sun went to see her father to get the money. Her father tells her that this debt will have to be carried by Jin, since the money is for him.

Mikhail says that the woman’s wounds will heal within a day and then he tries stealing the satellite phone. Jin notices and stops him. Desmond wants to let Mikhail go. This is the attitude that makes the Others win all the time. The losties don’t have the guts to follow through. Mihhail says that the wounds don’t heal on the island the same way that they heal in the outside world.

The baby was conceived on the island and Jin is the father, not the man that Jin had to beat up in Korea.

The blackmailer is Jin’s mother. Sun tells her to disappear.

Juliet tells her that most of the women made it into their second trimester, not into the third. Juliet wants to go back inside the station, for something. This was the reason that she came here. And also, to get into Sun’s good graces. It’s funny how easy the losties are deceived.

She leaves a message for Ben. She tells him about the news. She is taking samples of the women of the losties for the Others.

The woman regains consciousness. She tells him that they found the plane of Flight Oceanic 815 and that there were no survivors.

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