Painkiller Jane S01E03 (Scifi)

A strange new form of neuro (human with mutated psychic abilities) threatens the team and starts manipulating them.

After a few surprises, they do something that they normally wouldn’t do, but the end result is the same; a chipped (implantation of a chip to stop their psychic abilities) neuro.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.


People are losing their core abilities; a surgeon lost all of this medical knowledge, a train driver doesn’t know how to drive it and a programmer can no longer remember codes he designed himself.

The team believes that a neuro is responsible. A doctor’s medical knowledge seemed to have been transferred to a homeless person. Riley gets word of a pharmacy break-in that seemed to miss the same things that the paramedics used on their homeless victim, right before he got away and the other homeless man, the one with Dr. Rafferty’s memories falls unconscious, after helping the paramedics.

Riley finds the neuro after getting beat up. But while waiting, he gets touched by the neuro and looses part of his memory.

Slowly but surely, all the members of the team get touched by the neuro.

The neuro comes to their hideout and gives them a deal; he will restore Riley’s memories, if they rob a train for him. He has already restored Dr. Rafferty’s memories as a show of good faith.

The neuro Simon Connelly implanted knowledge into all of them so that they could rob the train.

The job is done and they took a train carriage. In it is a electro static barrier to prevent anyone from accessing a safe. The only to get through is to send Jane, because she is the only one who could survive.

Inside the crate is a painting. It was a painting that was in his family for years, before it had to be given away. They chip the neuro and deactivate his powers.

Riley is OK, after pulling the team’s chain a bit.

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