Raines S01E07 (NBC)

Raines investigates a crime that he doesn’t really want to investigate, the murder of his ex-wife’s husband.

He died mysteriously in a plane crash, with billionaire Richard Billings.

The investigation will be complicated, because there is more than one victim and anyone of them could have been the target.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.


Richard Billings, a real estate mogul died a few weeks ago. The wife of a fellow passenger, Sarah Carver, wants to know why her husband Andrew died. She is also Raines’ ex-wife.

Raines is questioning Carvers’ partner in the law firm. That doesn’t turn up anything.

The team turns up a few promising leads. Raines is questioning the mechanic of the planes. He sends Boyer to Sacramento to question the mechanics over there.

Raines starts questioning his ex-wife. Nothing really interesting is revealed there as well, except a slap to his face. Raines starts thinking about the other people who were killed in this plane crash. He decides that only Billings is a valid other target.

Raines is talking to Billings’ widow. She tells him that Billings had hired an investigator to look into the death threats. She isn’t very cooperative, between popping pills and having her pool boy answer the door.

Carlton Hayworth, the new CEO of Billings’ company, is brought in to answer questions. He tells him that Joe Pedowski was investigating the death threats. Actually, Pedowski was investigating Billings’ company to find a mole that might be leaking information about his land developments.

By going through the protests, they find a common protester, Rodriguo Kunero. He tells him that Hayworth was the one leaking the information to him. Hayworth wants his lawyer. Raines is busy trying to make a connection between a mechanic and Hayworth, but time is running out.

Boyer tells him that the plane was one the ground only for a few hours. It was kept pre-fuelled and the mechanics had no contact with it.

Lance does some digging and she finds a connection between the plan mechanic and Angelina Billings. They both went to Cabo San Lucas together. She tells him that when Billings and her were working it out.

Raines uses the widow to flush out the killer. He thinks that Fullman, the mechanic, killed Billings and engineered the plane crash. By pushing him, she is able to make him confess to the crime.

Carver is still around after the other hallucinations have left.

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