PageOne And Some More Pens

The weekend went by a little too quickly for my taste.

I spent most of the time reading and relaxing.

I caught up on some shows as well.

Today, I went by PageOne and got myself Judas Unchained by Peter F. Hamilton.

It was hard not having the book yesterday, since I finished the 1000 page tome Pandora’s Star and didn’t have the next part of the Commonwealth Saga.

(Review is upcoming.)

I took the time to finish Zodiac by Neal Stephenson, which I had started a few weeks ago before I got all entranced by Iain M. Banks.

I had started an e-book version, but abandoned that concept for a paperback edition that I found last week. Finding the right page took a few minutes, but it was well worth the read.

(Review is upcoming as well.)

It’s funny, because this book is classified as science-fiction. There isn’t a lot of it in this book, it’s an eco-thriller, something like Prey or State of Fear by Michael Crichton.

Speaking of which, I just realized that Crichton released a new book called Next. For a few minutes I thought that the novel had already been turned into a movie.

I ordered a few more books, including Fragile Things by Neil Gaiman (his blog is here) and Use of Weapons, The State of the Art and Look to Windward by Iain M. Banks. Two of the Banks books are Culture novels and the other one is a collection of short stories. I was assured that I would be receiving these books in the coming months. I didn’t really mind, I’ll find something else to read in the meantime.

For a strange reason, I hadn’t realized that Entourage and the Sopranos had started up again on HBO. Since Entourage is a very short show, I took the time to catch up on it last night.


I noticed that a new season of BBAU started out last week. I’ve been busily getting the last few episodes to catch up on that. Hot on the heels of last season’s scandals, I wonder what will happen this season?

Don’t tell me! I still have to watch the episodes over the next few days. I’ll keep you posted. Brad has started up his BBAU blog again.


I almost forgot about the pens.

I was looking for some inking pens and looked at a few fountain pens. The lady pointed out some cheap plastic Petit1 Pilot fountain pens (they are for the Japanese market), available in a variety of colors for $100NT each ($3US). They also have refills. I got myself a few after trying them out. It’s good, because fountain pens are very precise. I’ll use them in paperblogs.

* * * * *

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