News Of The Prefect By Alastair Reynolds

I found a short spoiler-less review of The Prefect by Alastair Reynolds, which should be officially released in the UK today.

The review is right here.

Personally, I am anxiously awaiting this novel.

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The Diamond Age By Neal Stephenson Reviewed

This is a review of the science-fiction book The Diamond Age by Neal Stephenson.

As much as Snow Crash delved into postcyberpunk, The Diamond Age pushes into the nanotechnological world of science-fiction.

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Printers And Office Supplies

The IFC in Hong Kong. Part of the Hong Kong Series.

It’s good to have a printer again back home. It was a missing part of our home office. Always having to print things out at other places was a bit of a hassle.

But now, since we purchased a small HP laserjet, things are going pretty smoothly.

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On Platonic Friendships With Women

An interesting looking apartment building in Hong Kong. Part of the Hong Kong Series.

When I was in college and university, I had a lot of friends who were girls.

As the years went by, the number of my friends who were girls diminished rapidly.

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Jericho S01E16 (CBS)

A Sogo in Hong Kong, next to Causeway Bay MTR Station. Part of the Hong Kong Series.

Not a lot happens in this episode. It’s almost a filler episode; the fallout from Sarah’s killing and the town’s collaboration with another town is showcased. No new information about the conspiracy and why the bombs detonated on the USA has been made available. With a couple of episodes left before the season finale, I wonder really if we are going to find out anything more substantial. Maybe, maybe not.

I have not yet seen if this show has been renewed for next year. As always, the show has good points and bad points. Most of the drama is boring. The good parts are finding out what really happened and why there was a nuclear holocaust.

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The Tudors S01E01-02 (Showtime)

A dark building near the IFC in Hong Kong. Part of the Hong Kong Series.

The Tudors miniseries chronicles the life and times of Henry VIII during the most important time of his life. It shows what motivated him to do what he did and how it happened. This historically happens during the Tudor dynasty (1485-1603, but more specifically 1509-1547 during the reign of Henry VIII). The rule of Henry VIII led to the formation of the Anglican Church in England.

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