Month: May 2007

  • Reading Updates, Condemnation, Flotsam And The Hot Hot Heat

    I’ve started reading Century Rain, by Alastair Reynolds. It’s the only Reynolds novel that I haven’t read before, apart from his new one called The Prefect. Here is a short reading update: Century Rain p290/532 Blue Mars by Kim Stanley Robinson p310/794 Quicksilver by Neal Stephenson P150/926 I’m finally starting to get out of a […]

  • Big Brother Australia 2007 Day 39

    The HM are informed of the full extent of this week’s task. And they aren’t happy. Well, at least half of them. Warning: Spoilers ahead.

  • Big Brother Australia 2007 Day 38

    It’s time for a new task. One of the intruders is very grumpy. In fact, both intruders are already annoying people. Warning: Spoilers ahead.

  • What’s Next

    Currently, I’m enjoying the 6th season of Star Trek: Voyager, which I started on the weekend. I’ve only seen these episodes a total of 2 times before starting the current batch of shows; once when they aired originally and once when I got them on DVD.

  • Big Brother Australia 2007 Day 37 Nominations

    It’s the nominations and Nick is here to give his opinons on the matter. A few HM are singled out this week. Warning: Spoilers ahead.

  • Big Brother Australia 2007 Day 37

    There is more and more gossip and the HM greet the Nick’s goodbye message with a smile on their faces. Nick comes clean to most of the HM. Warning: Spoilers ahead.

  • Idle Speculation Part I: Fictional Elements, Materials, Isotopes And Atomic Particles

    Continuing on my recent articles on the recent science-fiction novels that I have been reading, I’ve been reading up on fictional elements and materials. (Currently, I am reading The Baroque Cycle by Neal Stephenson and Blue Mars by Kim Stanley Robinson. I just finished Babylon Babies by Maurice G. Dantec, The Naked God by Peter […]

  • Big Brother Australia 2007 Day 36 Eviction

    It’s another eviction in BBAU 2007, and Andrew doesn’t even know he is nominated! Who will go? Andrew, Nick or Rebecca? Warning: Spoilers ahead.

  • Big Brother Australia 2007 Day 36

    It’s right after FNL and things are starting to get to people in the BBAU house. Susannah is talked about because she doesn’t do anything. Warning: Spoilers ahead.

  • Notes On Recent Science-Fiction I Have Read

    The following is a short analysis and some of my ideas on the science-fiction novels I have read in the past few weeks. I’ve edited it and removed a few parts that were dealing with future chapters in my stories. Infosphere/Interstellar Datasphere One of the great things in Peter F. Hamilton’s book is his appropriate […]