Big Brother Australia 2007 Kicks Off!

Another season of Big Brother Australia has kicked off, with a few rule changes.

Now it’s time to get familiar with the new rules.

Some of them seem inspired from BBUK S06. The Secret Room is replaced by the White Room.

You know what this means…

Warning: spoilers ahead.

BBUK is not far behind.

BBAU runs for a long time, almost 100 days I believe.

You must be wondering why do I watch it?

I find it entertaining, and I enjoy watching Australian and British TV programs. It’s a nice change. The Big Brother version from the US sucks badly compared to the British and the Australian. Both have got a different feel to them. The AU version is more sensational, while the UK version is more innovative.

Here are the details of the changes.

Prize Money

Prize money

Channel Ten has stated that housemates will not be winning any prizes at all this year, but the housemates will be able to earn prize money by completing various tasks. The prize money is currently $50,000 (as of 29th April 07).

Friday Night Live winner’s twist

This year the winner of Friday Night Live has a greater privelege in nominations. As a replacement for previous years’ 3-point twist, the Friday Night Live winner can now choose one nominated housemate to exempt from nomination, and another to replace them.

Adults only

The adults only show, Big Brother Adults Only (Previously as Big Brother Uncut) was cancelled for 2007, due to both political demand and previous incidents in the house, including the Big Brother Australia 2006Turkey Slap” incident.


This year the housemates are provided with vegan staples only. It means no animal products are being supplied by Big Brother as “standard” staples. The housemates can supplement this with milk and eggs supplied from the farm yard and herbs and mushrooms from the herb garden.


Situated in the lounge room of the Big Brother house is a telephone. This is the first time that a telephone has been put inside the Big Brother house in Australia. It was shown on the Opening Night broadcast before the housemates entered the house, but no explanation regarding its use or purpose has been given as yet.

White Room

On 23 April, the four remaining wild-card housemates not selected to enter the House via the public vote on Days 1 and 2 were isolated in the “White Room”.

The housemates put in isolation were Cruz, Demet, Kara, and Harrison. As the name suggests, the White Room is painted in white, contains white furniture, and the housemates have only white clothes to wear. In the centre of the room is a red button. At any time, a housemate may press the red button if they wish to leave. However, this decision is final and the quitting housemate may not return to the Big Brother House or the White Room. The housemate who stays inside the White Room the longest without pressing the red button will become a genuine Big Brother housemate and enter the main house with the rest of the housemates.

On all the monitors in the Big Brother House, the housemates can now watch the White Room housemates 24/7, but cannot hear any audio. The White Room housemates are also unaware that they are being watched by the Big Brother housemates.

It was revealed on Day 4 that the White Room housemates are provided with a white drink for their nutritional needs keeping within the white room theme.

Secret Relationships

It was revealed on the Game On episode that a secret relationship between Hayley and Andrew exists and has been hidden from the other housemates. Big Brother set the task to both housemates to enter the house and keep secret their relationship for one week. If they succeed, then both of them can stay in the house, if they fail then one of them will be evicted. On the 29 April episode, Big Brother revealed the secret relationship of Hayley and Andrew and 3 housemates had guessed correctly regarding the relationship. Both housemates will stay in the house as a majority of the housemates had to guess correctly for one of them to be evicted. Big Brother also revealed that the housemates had completed the task successfully and awarded $50,000 into the prize pool.

Mr. X (Billy) who is a former partner of Hayley, has been brought into the Big Brother house to “stir” up the relationship of Hayley and Andrew to see if he can make them reveal their secret relationship to the housemates before the week’s end. Each day he received a mission from Big Brother to put pressure on their relationship. It was revealed on the 29 April episode that Billy was Hayley’s ex-boyfriend.

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