Doctor Who S03E05 (BBC)

The Doctor continues his task to try and stop the Daleks from taking Manhattan.

Will the Cult of Skaro be able to save the Dalek race?

Warning: Spoilers ahead.


The Doctor uses sound as a distraction to help him escape.

The Daleks are questioning Dalek Sec’s transformation. They follow the humans to Hooverville and attack it. Solomon tries to reason with them, but they just kill them. When the Doctor does his speech, Dalek Sec wants the Doctor captured.

Dalek Sec explains that they will use the Empire State Building as a conductor, with the gamma radiation from the Sun, to transform the sleeping humans into hybrids. It’s strange that Dalek Sec is telling the Doctor the whole plan that the Cult of Skaro has been working on. He’s become too human and not enough Dalek. There is already division among the ranks.

Dalek Sec wants the help of the Doctor to turn his progeny into a more humanized Dalek hybrids. Dalek Sec calls the humans “the Great Survivors”.

At the top of the Empire State Building, Martha and her friends discover that the Daleks made some last minute design changes.

Dalek Sec and the Doctor are betrayed by the other Daleks who do not want their race to become unpure. So they seize them. They modified the gene therapy so that the new Daleks will be 100% real Daleks, not hybrids. The Doctor is able to escape thanks to the pig-Lazlo. He makes his way to the top and tries to take of the dalekanium from the mast, but he only manages to take off one out of three pieces. He puts himself on the mast.

At the same time, the lightning kills the other pig-slaves, thanks to Martha’s foresight.

The dead humans are awakened. They seem to be doing what the Daleks want them to. The Doctor wants to confront the new soldiers and the Daleks. The Daleks exterminate Dalek Sec.

The Doctor used the Timelord DNA to give the Dalek-humans a bit of freedom. The Dalek Controller terminates the Dalek-humans by remote control.

There is only one Dalek left in the entire universe. The Doctor offers to help it, but it does another emergency temporal shift to get out of there. The Doctor was able to save Lazlo.

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