Faber-Castell Watercolor Pencils And Other Ruminations On Art

Today, I went by PageOne once more to find out about Next by Michael Crichton.

(I’ve secured myself a copy.)

On the way there, I finished Judas Unchained by Peter F. Hamilton.

(Review upcoming)

The end was a bit predictable and I do agree with some critics that the cast of characters is too big, but I really enjoyed that book. The setting is comparable to the Hegemony from Dan Simmons‘ series the Hyperion Cantos.

(I finished it in 2 days. That’s 1226 pages. This means it’s good.)

While I was at PageOne, I looked at some watercolor pencils from Faber-Castell. I decided that the Pitt Artist pens that I bought last week were a bit too wet for my medium, so I needed something lighter. The upside of this is that I can use a wet brush or a spray to play with these pencils and make some cool effects.

There is this 120 pencil version that I wouldn’t mind getting a bit later on. I found it here for 50% of list price.

I still like the Pitt Artist pens and I do use them.

Part of me just wants to get all of pens from Faber-Castell.

These are the ones I have my eye on:

  • Pitt Pastel Pencils
  • Polychromos Artist Pastel Crayone
  • Pitt Monochrome Pencil set

The good thing about this is that you don’t need everything. You just try with bits and pieces. That’s what I do and I do sit down every night and use the supplies I have gathered. I’ll probably try out all of these types of pencils and pastels with smaller boxes before moving in for the larger ones. Faber-Castell makes some great wooden box sets, but the they are a lot more expensive than the simple tin boxes. The best bang for the buck is there.

I was actually debating today if I should purchase a 24 Albrecht-Dürer watercolor pencil set, which came in a nice handy pouch, a sketchbook and some brushes. It was $30US more expensive than the 36 Albrecht-Dürer set that I got. And I have 12 more pencils.

I got myself some cheap plastic cases for my pens; I’m tired that they go all over the place in my bag. This keeps them all nice and centered. I also got this strange brush-pencil. It’s from a Chinese manufacturer. It’s like a disposable fountain pen, but with a brush as a head. It looks interesting, I wonder what kind of result I’ll get. I needed a cheap pencil sharpener and I got myself a nice $20NT ($0.66US) liquid UHU Happy Glue stick. I found it strange that it was so cheap.

This is probably the most creative I’ve been in a long while, which means that I am pretty content.

(In a variety of media, from creative writing, photography to drawing.)

When I am worried and not happy, I am not able to be creative.

* * * * *

I’m pretty much up to date with BBAU 2007.

I like watching the daily shows, since they are pretty short.

I’ve checked and the rumors are saying that BBUK will start up again on the 25th of May 2007. By far, BBUK is the most entertaining of all of the BB shows in the English language. I’ve tried watching the Swedish BB, but it kind of gets to you when you don’t understand what is being said. Also, I’ve not tried any reality TV shows from Japan. I’ve heard that they are pretty crazy.

* * * * *

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