Map Of The Blogosphere

I came across this from neomeme.

Originally, it’s from Discover magazine.

It’s a map of the blogosphere, with ingoing and outgoing links being the most important part of it.

1 DailyKos
On the map, white dots represent individual blogs, sized according to number of links. Nearly 500,000 people visit the DailyKos every day, making it one of the world’s most popular blogs. Green links represent one-way links (that is, blog A links to blog B), and blue links indicate reciprocal links (blog B returns the favor).

2 Boinboing
The bright spot here represents the popular site Boingboing, a “Directory of Wonderful Things” that links to oddly compelling online news from the fringes of the real world but mostly offers gossip about gadgets and all things high-tech.

3 Livejournal
This isolated, close-knit online community of bloggers uses LiveJournal, an online host that primarily serves as a social networking site. This blogging island is just barely in touch with the rest of the blogworld.

4 Socio-political blogs .
This blue blob represents a balanced sociopolitical discourse. The prevalence of blue in this area shows that most of these links are reciprocal, suggesting a sort of metadialogue between bloggers who hurl headlines at one another. The brightest light belongs to syndicated columnist Michelle Malkin.

5 Porn
No discussion of the blogosphere would be complete without a nod to online smut. This outlying island of blue represents the linked-up world of bloggers who traffic in the latest news and gossip from the world of pornography. Oh, yeah, and pictures.

6 Sports blogs
Also on the outskirts is this group of sports enthusiasts, many of whom, unlike the lonely pornographers, have links back to the central hot spot of the blogosphere. “What you find often on the blogosphere is people on the outside pointing in to the middle,” Hurst says. “They’re on the outside looking in.”[1]

What does it mean?

Post links and have people link to you. The more links you have, the better it is. Contrary to the belief that being miserly with your link policy is best, it’s actually better to link to a lot of people. But not too much, otherwise you’ll just be another link farm.

(This also affects your PageRank.)

Or, maybe it means that I should write more about politics…

Nah, couldn’t be bothered.

Though I do find American politics fascinating, a lot more than Canadian ones.

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