Doctor Who S03E06 (BBC)

The Doctor thinks his travels with Martha are almost over, but when they go back to her time, things don’t work out that way.

He has to deal with another doubtful mother and another monster.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.


The Doctor wants to drop of Martha. But then he comes back after they see Martha’s sister on TV when she works for a research lab called Lazarus Laboratories.

She is working with a professor who has perfected a rejuvenation machine. The Doctor is wary of this new technology and wants to investigate, after he stopped it from blowing up the building.

They discover that the professor’s DNA has not stabilized and is still mutating into something else. The question is, into what is he changing?

He becomes some kind of giant scorpion monster that feeds on people’s life force.

Martha’s mother meets a strange man who tells her things about the Doctor. My guess is that he is from Torchwood.

They escape into the professor’s machine and switch it around a bit. It attacks the professor and turns him back human. The Doctor surmises that the form that has been attacking them is a dormant one that evolution pushed aside millions of years ago that the professor’s machine activated by mistake.

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