Heroes S01E19 (NBC)

This week’s Heroes show gets nearer to the endgame.

Will Hiro be able to save the city?

And there is a crazy surprise at the end of this episode.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.


Mr. Bennett is still being interrogated.

Nathan Petrelli is starting his apprenticeship under Linderman. He finds out that Linderman has powers. He can heal people and things. But he discovered that it’s not enough. To heal the world, it needs a rallying point. And that point will be the destruction of Peter Petrelli, when he explodes, the day that Nathan Petrelli gets elected. Linderman already has paintings that show these events happening in the future, thanks to Isaac.

Bennett is talking to Parkman with his thoughts. He is broadcasting his thoughts so that Parkman can hear him. He tells Parkman that all the noise he made will attract a guard. He tells him to take out a rusty pipe and knock the guard out.

Peter Petrelli tries to find Mohinder, but he only finds Silar. There is a super-powered battle between Petrelli and Silar.

Isaac says he has finished his comic book, meaning that Hiro’s story is ending.

Nathan Petrelli’s mother is taking Claire away. She tells her that she has powers as well. Mohinder brings Peter’s body to his mother. He is dead.

Parkman gets the exploding man out of his cell. Parkman tells him that he needs to cause an EMP so that he can disrupt the electronics.

DL tells Jessica that she has to say goodbye to Micah. Meanwhile, Linderman wants to borrow Micah for his talents. Jessica tells him in no uncertain that this won’t happen.

Nathan meets Claire. Claire takes out the shard that killed Peter and he comes back alive. Peter tells Nathan that he needs to talk to Claire. Their mother tells them that she has known for a long while how they were.

Bennett wants to destroy the tracking system that tracks the superheroes. Bennett learns that Linderman is in charge. Parkman fished that name out of Thomson’s head. Micah is taken by Jessica to see Linderman. Jessica is actually Candace.

Thomson is called by Mohinder. He meets him. He tries to recruit Mohinder.

Sylar goes to meet Mr. Isaac. Isaac is ready to give up his powers. He is being crucified to the floor before Sylar extracts his brain.

Nathan tells her that he can not spend any time with Claire. She has to leave for a week and come back to her family, after the election.

Sylar is painting the future now and he sees himself in the white house instead of Nathan.

Hiro and Ando are five years in the future. Hiro thinks that if they investigate what happened in the past to cause these events, they will be able to stop them when they get back to the past.

He believes that Isaac will still be alive because Sylar was captured. They make their way back to Isaac’s house. They find what they believe to be a timeline of how things happened.

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