Heroes S01E20 (NBC)

Hiro and Hiro-from-the-future have an adventure.

We see the world as it is in five years.

And those who thought that Sylar was gone were wrong.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.


They meet Hiro-from-the-future.

Hiro-from-the-future tells Hiro that he needs to kill Sylar. If the cheerleader is still alive, that means that he can not regenerate, that means that he can still be killed.

Parkman and the Haitian find them. They are part of Homeland Security. They captured Hiro. Hiro-from-the-future and Ando need to find Peter Petrelli so that they can rescue Hiro.

Nikki is Peter’s girlfriend and owns a strip club in Las Vegas. She doesn’t want to help them and Peter doesn’t want to help them. Peter has a large scar on his face. She sends them off to see Bennett. We learn that Micah is dead.

Parkman is talking to President Petrelli and he is told to extract it from Hiro. Suresh is part of Petrelli’s entourage. Petrelli tells him that his measures are not working and that the anomalies are growing at exponential rates.

Bennett is running a rescue operation to hide the anomalies from the rest of the population.

They need a select group of people to help them break Hiro out of homeland security. Suresh is examining Hiro-from-the-future’s map of the past.

Claire is living as Sandra and about to get married. Bennett tells that someone knows about her and she has to leave. She doesn’t want to leave.

People are living in a form of police state. The people with powers are being rounded up and detained.

Hiro-from-the-future is captured as well by Parkman, but before he can detain them they are rescued by Peter Petrelli. Bennett called Parkman as per the deal they have.

Parkman asks about his wife and kid. Parkman reneges on his deal and kills Bennett. They find Claire.

Ando learns that his counterpart from the future is dead. He died in the bomb in New York.

If Sylar is killed, the whole timeline will be changed. Petrelli wants to kill off all of the anomalies. When he has Claire, we learn that it isn’t Petrelli who is President, but Sylar. He took Candace’s powers and mimics Petrelli. He is trying to kill off his competition.

Peter confesses to Nikki that he is the one that killed everyone in New York, not Sylar. During the President’s speech, Hiro-from-the-future, Ando and Peter make their way into Homeland Security to rescue Hiro.

Hiro takes the elevator up to the awaiting mob of agents. Instead of killing Hiro, Suresh sticks his needle into the Haitian.

Parkman shoots Hiro-from-the-future. The President comes to save his brother. Or so he thinks, because now they fight it out when Peter learns that his brother is dead.

Hiro leaves and takes Ando with him back to the past. They arrive at the right moment.

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