Lost S03E19 (ABC)

This week’s episode of Lost is Locke-centric. We find out what happened to Locke during his time with the Others and what’s up with his father.

More details are revealed about the mysterious woman that landed on the island.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.


Locke is looking over some papers and burning them, while his someone is tied up behind him. The story picks up 8 days ago.

Don’t you where this place is?

Asks John’s father before he is tasered again.

Ben asks John if he wants to come with them. The Others are leaving for an old place.

At the camp, Sawyer and Kate are sleeping together. He finds Jin and Hurley outside up to something. On his way to take a leak, he finds Locke on the way back to the camp. He tells James that he kidnapped Ben a few hours ago and dragged him into the jungle. He wants Sawyer to kill Ben.

3 days ago, the Others are all excited that John is with them. Ben tells him that they will go to the Losties’ camp and take all of the pregnant women. This means that Sun is in danger. He tells Locke that he isn’t ready for this. He tells him that he needs to rid himself of something. He says that he has to kill his father.

Ben keeps saying that Locke brought his father to the island.

Desmond, Jin, Hurley and Charlie are hiding the woman. Desmond doesn’t trust Jack, and neither do the others. Desmond surmises that she is a way off the island.

Locke knows that James killed someone in Australia and that his parents are dead. His father shot his mother and then killed himself. Murder-suicide. James says that he isn’t going to kill anybody. He will bring back Ben to the camp. But Locke says that James will change his mind when he hears what Ben has to say.

The Losties bring Sayeed into their confidence. Desmond trusts Sayeed. Naomi talks with Sayeed. She tells them that they found the entire plane off the coast of Bali. They found the bodies. Naomi was hired by Penny Widmore to find Desmond. Sayeed is doubtful and she shows him her SAT phone.

Sawyer says that he killed the man in Sydney by mistake. It was a case of mistaken identity.

3 days ago, Locke is brought before his dad so that he can kill him. Locke can’t do it yet.

Since he can’t do it, the Others don’t really accept him anymore. They expected him to be more. But what? A murderer? Sounds like bulls*** to me.

Locke and Sawyer come up to an old ship. Inside, Locke locks up Sawyer in the brig, where Ben isn’t waiting for him; it’s John’s father.

Sayeed is trying to make the SAT phone work. They aren’t able to make it find any audible transmission. Everything is blocked.

While waiting at the Black Rock, Rousseau comes by for some dynamite. Locke casually shows her where it is.

3 days ago, Locke gets introduced to Richard. He is told that Ben wanted him to be embarrassed. When word came back that a man with a broken spine was able to walk again when he came onto the island, people started getting excited. Richard tells him that his father has to go and that Sawyer could help him.

Locke’s father tells him the tale of how he ended up on the island. He just was kidnapped from the USA. Sawyer learns that Locke’s father is a con man. He went by the name Tom Sawyer at a time. The man was involved with James’ past.

1 day ago, the Others are getting ready to leave once more. Locke is going to be left behind. Ben is leaving a trail for Locke to track once he killed his father.

Sawyer asks Locke’s father about Jasper Alabama and how he killed his father. As he tears up the letter, James looses it and strangles him with a chain. Locke thanks him and lets him go.

Kate wants to Jack in private, but Jack doesn’t want to. Kate tells Jack that no one trusts him anymore. Juliet tells Jack that they should tell her but Jack doesn’t want to.

Locke tells Sawyer that Juliet is a mole and that the Others will raid the camp to take the pregnant women with them. Locke gives Sawyer the tape that Juliet made for Ben.

Locke gets on his way with his dead father’s body on his back.

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