Lost S03E20 (ABC)

In one of the best episodes of Lost this season, we learn more about Ben and Locke.

This is a Ben-centric episode, were the war between the Others and the Dharma Initiative serves as a background to even further mysteries.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.


We see Ben’s birth. His mother died at childbirth, in the outskirts of Portland. This is a Ben-centric episode.

In the present, Richard and Ben notice that the tape recorder is missing. All of a sudden, Locke turns up with his father’s body on his back. Locke wants to know everything. Ben tells him that he answers to Jacob. Ben is already lying to Locke, because we just saw that Ben wasn’t born on the island. Locke doesn’t believe this Jacob story. Locke catches Ben in a flagrant lie.

A young Ben arrives on the island with his father. He is part of the Dharma Initiative and about 13 years old. They are met by Horace Goodspeed, the man who helped out at Ben’s birth. They see another orientation video. They hear about the sonar fence, which protects the Initiative from the wildlife. Ben’s father, Roger, is called forward to sign in.

Everybody is inoculated. He meets Annie. Ben’s father is a janitor and he isn’t happy about it.

In the present, Sawyer is trying to find someone. He finds Sayeed. He shows Sayeed the tape recorder.

At the Others’ camp, Mikhail comes back running. Ben is informed about the situation with Naomi. Locke tells everyone that they are going to visit Jacob. He beats Mikhail to a pulp. Ben’s daughter hands Locke a gun. None of the Others didn’t do a thing to help Mikhail while he was getting beaten up.

An alarm is sounding in Ben’s past, in his classroom. The teacher and the others are running towards the “hostiles”, the natives, with guns. There is a skirmish and Ben’s father wants more money from Goodspeed. Ben sees his mom on the outside of his window.

Sawyer and Sayeed try to find Juliet, but she’s no longer at the camp. She left with Jack. Sayeed talks with Kate, who spills the beans that she told Jack and Juliet about Naomi.

In the past, Ben’s gets a present from his little friend Annie. Ben sees his mother again on the other side of the fence. She tells him that it isn’t time yet.

At the losties’ camp, everyone is informed of the situation. Juliet and Jack walk back. They hear Ben’s message on the tape informing her of the time and place of the raid. Three teams will be sent. Juliet says that the night that she took Sun to the medical facility, she told Jack what they were making her do. Jack says that he hadn’t told anyone because he wasn’t sure what to do yet. He says they have some catching up to do.

In the past, Ben makes his way out of the Dharma Initiative camp. He hears mysterious sounds and finds Richard. He tells Richard of his mother and Richard is very surprised. Ben tells him he wants to go with him. Richard says that he has to be patient.

In the present, Ben and Locke arrive at Jacob’s place. Ben starts talking to an empty chair. At first, Locke thinks that Ben is crazy, but then he hears the words Help Me whispered in a different voice. When Locke turns on the flashlight, then things go crazy. Ben tells Jacob to stop it. He gets pushed away, and then Locke sees someone’s silhouette in the chair. He leaves the house and Ben comes after him. Ben tells him that he wasn’t born on the island and that he has to show him something.

In the past, a grown-up Ben is getting ready to leave the Dharma Initiative on his birthday. He is a work man, same as his father. In the VW truck, Ben straps on a gas mask and releases a lethal gas. His father dies. He comes back to the Initiative camp and everyone is dead. The Others appear. They are all wearing masks as well. The VW was the same one in which Hurley and Charlie had some fun a while ago.

Ben shows John a mass grave, where all of the members of the Dharma Initiative are buried. Ben shoots John. Locke falls into the grave. Ben asks John what Jacob said. He says he shot Locke because he heard Jacob. Locke tells him what he heard. Ben leaves him there.

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