Big Brother Australia 2007 Day 20

This show is all about Bodie and how his antics are landing him into trouble.

Bodie and his pratical jokes…

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Bodie decides to replace the porridge with starburst. They also add Saltines, almonds, banana and passion fruit juice. What they cooked taste like bubble gum. Demet got the idea first. Emma says that the porridge is the best she’s ever had.

Thomas is next. Emma goes and tells everyone about it and they have a nice bitching session with Hayley, TJ, Susannah and Rebecca. The HM decide to have a meeting.

It’s all about porridge.

Bodie says that he’s not going change. Hayley is getting really worked up. This is second time that Rebecca says that she’s a very non-confrontational person. Rebecca has a crying fit once more. And now, Hayley starts crying as well. The waterworks start once more. That’s something that she knows she does well.

Andrew says that everybody sees Hayley as a mother figure, Bodie says that he doesn’t see her as a mother figure. Demet says that she’s got a sixth sense about people and shares her impressions with her pals Emma and Aleisha. They ask Billy about what he thinks about Hayley and Andrew. The other HM believe that they are playing game.

Nick gets to choose three people to the rewards room for a little party. He decides to take Andrew, Hayley and Demet. It looks like strategy to me. TJ, Joel, Emma and TJ want some food. They complain about Andrew and Hayley. Bodie says that he hates Hayley.

Bodie puts shaving cream on Billy.

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