Heroes S01E21 (NBC)

The endgame is near, and all of the people are in the right spot.

Things are moving very fast as Hiro and Ando try to stop the bomb from killling off New York.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.


Hiro is back in the present. Nathan’s family is back as well.

Peter tries to convince Claire to stay. She tells him about Ted, the guy who can explode and who controls nuclear power.

Parkman is an idiot and tries to call his wife. He is stopped by Bennett. They stay on focus and go to New York to stop the Walker system, the one tracking the anomalies. In Isaac Mendez’ studio, Sylar is painting the future. He believes that he will take the exploding man’s powers and kill all of New York. Or that is what his latest painting is revealing to him. He phones Mohinder, but that doesn’t help him at all.

DL learns that Jessica let Micah go with Linderman. Micah is with Candice, whose babysitting him. Candice is mimicking Micah’s mom.

Mohinder is forcing Thomson to work for him. He is being shown everything. He is being shown Molly Parker, she has the same problem as Mohinder’s sister. He is told that Molly is the only one who can stop Sylar.

Hiro and Ando arrive at Isaac’s studio and find him dead. They hide behind his painting, but Sylar has super-hearing and he can hear their hearts behind it. Hiro and Ando teleport out.

DL and Jessica make their way into the vault of the Corinthian. They see Micah in some of Isaac’s paintings. They see all of their personal information. They see that Micah is in New York.

After being warned by Peter and Claire, Nathan calls Linderman.

Sylar goes to see his mom. His real name is Gabriel. He fixes his father’s clock. His mom wants him to be special.

On his way there at Nathan’s campaign office, Claire sees Thomson, the man her father Bennett worked for. Thomson is asking Nathan to make a sacrifice.

In New York, Micah makes an escape attempt. It doesn’t work out. He discovers that Candice is there, not his mother.

Gabriel shows his mother a bit of his power. Hiro and Ando are outside seeing all of this. Hiro learns that Ando will die in the future. Sylar has trouble with his mom.

Sylor commits matricide, unintentionally. Hiro tries to kill Sylar, but it doesn’t work. Sylar is freezing the blade of his katana He recognizes Hiro from his hearbeat and places them in Isaac’s studio. They both teleport away. Hiro’s time freezing powers didn’t work on Sylar. The blade is broken.

Peter gives Claire a gun so that she can shoot him if all else fails.

Nathan is getting another speech from his mother. She knows about everything. She has maneuvered her son into a position of power. She knows Linderman

Sylar is painting the future in his mother’s blood. He sees that he can be the President of the United States.

In Kirby Square, Peter and Claire are waiting for something. Claire spots her father Bennett with Parkman and Ted. She runs toward him. Peter approaches and gets near Ted. He absorbs his powers and his hands start glowing. Bennett realizes what is happening, Peter screams for Claire to shoot him, as he asked her to do a few hours ago.

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