Jericho S01E21 (CBS)

Jericho gets hit by a few mortar rounds and things are looking dire indeed.

A task team is sent to take out the mortar, but it’s more complicated then that.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.


On the border of Jericho, the men are seeing strange lights. A strange boy shows up.

Mayor Anderson is informed about the situation in New Bern. The boy wants to talk to the mayor. He leaves a radio. Constantino wants 7 farms and half the salt of the mine. He wants Jericho to surrender.

Anderson still can’t deal with the fact that they are at war with New Bern. Dale senses an opportunity by defending a new abandoned farm from the Herbert family. If he defends it successfully, it will be his. He tells his guys to get all of the refugees that they can find.

He proposes to split the farm among the ones that survive if they are successful. It’s not a bad idea. Constantino gave Jericho 4 hours. It’s been 4 hours and now the mortar attacks have started. Constantino gives them another hour and then more mortars will hit town.

Hawkins brings his family back home and into his special room. The mayor pulls a gun on Johnston and Eric. Stanley goes in with the rangers to take out the mortar. It looks like Stanley was not successful. Three more mortar shells hit town. Stanley makes his way back into town. Hawkins and his wife make up.

Jake, Eric and Emily are scouting the mortar launching sites. They hear of another truck coming their way. Hawkins is there as well. They are outflanked by a team on motorcycles. It’s actually Jonah.

Johnston asks for Dale’s men to defend Jericho. Dale says that he wants the Herbert farm and the Surrey farm in exchange.

Emily offers half of the salvaged supplies from the New Bern army. Jonah accepts the offer. Johnston tells Jimmy, Eric and the others to stop Anderson to call Constantino. They are able to convince Anderson to negotiate and buy some time while the troops are moving into place. Using a bit of guile, they are able to disarm one of the sites.

Johnston doesn’t pay attention enough to his captive and he warns the others. There is a shootout and Jonah’s men move in. Jonah changes the deal and takes all of the supplies. Hawkins shows Jake his supplies. They move them back into town.

Constantino declares war and Anderson asks for Johnston’s help. They distribute all of the guns and supplies, but the town looks surrounded.

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