Jericho S01E22 (CBS)

It’s nearly the end for the first season of Jericho, and the war is really getting close and dirty.

Everybody is getting drafted into protecting the town.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.


6 years ago, Eric was getting married. Jake and his grandfather are both missing from the reception.

Jake reports that the invaders took Talbert’s farm. At least 60-70 people are there. Constantino probably has more people in the back. Johnston believes that they should make their stand at Stanley Roberts’ farm. Constantino’s forces severely outnumber Jericho’s.

On Route 57, 60 miles away, a team of soldiers finds Heather in a car accident. She’s alive.

In the past, Stanley, Jake, his grandpa and Emily are drinking a few beers.

Hawkins and Jake tell Johnston about the military satellite that Hawkins has access to. He will feed Jericho’s troops recon info, but no one must know where the info is coming from. Johnston doesn’t ask anymore questions, because he is about to go to war with New Bern, home of the nearest Costco; things are already weird enough.

Hawkins is being tracked, he believes its Valenti. But he needs to be online so that he can access the sat images.

Heather wakes up in a field hospital. She’s at Camp Liberty, in Southwest Nebraska.

New Bern arrives and starts to take the first shots with a M60 machine gun.

In the past, Eric is upset at how Jake is behaving. Eric tells him that he didn’t want him as a best man. Jake is taking the news hard.

Jake moves out behind the car and goes for the hill so that he can shoot the gunner.

Hawkins is looking at the action from afar. His wife is questioning why the others want to eliminate all of the witnesses. Hawkins tells her that the uranium that they want. He tells her that they can trace the uranium. They believe it’s evidence, the smoking gun that proves that the attacks came from within the US.

Johnston moves in with the tank and fires a round. New Bern’s forces flee. Johnston is shot.

Hawkins is saying that Jericho will be looking to him for guidance.

At Camp Liberty, Heather talks with Kernel Hoffman about the situation in Jericho and New Bern. Hoffman says that he is working for the US. He says that the new federal government is being convened in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Texas, a few states in the East are still holding out, but most of the US is back into the fold.

The Kernel refuses.

Johnston isn’t doing too well. He is saying his last words to his sons. He dies from his wounds.

Jake sends Anderson back into town.

In the past, Jake makes a speech all by himself.

Hawkins is reporting that in 15 to 20 minutes a few hundred men are regrouping and on their way to Stanley’s farm. He also reports that a train is coming with hundreds of more men. Darcy shuts down his terminal seconds after he is traced.

Hoffman makes his report via video conferencing to the administration. President Tomarchio is the new president in charge of what’s left of the US. Valenti is there and informs Hoffman that they have traced a terrorist to within 200 miles of Jericho. The Kernel should reprioritize and move to Jericho, crush the skirmish with New Bern and find the terrorist.

Stanley tells Jake that he is going to ask Mimi to marry him. Hawkins is there and he wants to borrow the tank.

Constantino is trying to make Jake surrenders, but that doesn’t work. Heather wants to thank the Kernel for going to Jericho, then she sees the new flag of the US; the stripes are the right color, but the wrong way and there are 21 states in the union, represented by 21 stars on the banner.

That’s one troubling sight.

Hawkins has positioned the tank in a high vantage point above the train tracks. He sees the train approaching. He then sees a squad of attack helicopters coming above him. The fighting starts in the earnest now.

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