Jericho Cancelled

Jericho was cancelled on the 16th of May 2007 by CBS.

The network cited low ratings, although the producers seemed confident in a second season, it was not meant to be.

I enjoyed Jericho. I wanted to find out what really happened. Hopefully, now that the series has ended, they will find a way to propagate this information through the web.

From the wiki page:

Lackluster ratings prompted concern, as the show hit a new low in early April.[2] Even though the producers seemed confident of a second season,[3] the series was officially cancelled by CBS on May 16, 2007,[4] confirmed by a May 15, 2007 report in Variety Magazine,[5] and by The Wall Street Journal[6] on May 16, 2007. The ratings were down 25% following the nearly three-month hiatus and subsequent return opposite American Idol.[7]

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