Lost S03E21 (ABC)

The Losties are getting ready for the assault by the Others.

Jack reveals his plans and gets his crew ready to face the Others.

Ben comes back to the Others without Locke

Warning: Spoilers ahead.


We see somebody running towards a boat. It looks like Ethan. But it’s not.

Hurley, Jack, Desmond, Claire, Kate, Sun, Jin and Sawyer are heading off somewhere. Jack explains that a couple nights ago that Juliet told him everything. She tells them that the Others will be coming to the camp tomorrow. Jack calls out for Danielle, and Rousseau appears. Rousseau detonates some dynamite. Jack explains that Danielle has been bringing back some dynamite from the Black Rock. Jack explains that he is going to plant dynamite in the tents of the women who have been marked and then detonate it when the Others’ strike team arrive.

This is a Charlie-centric episode. Charlie is in the rain with his band.

Naomi is a fellow Englander, from Manchester. She is talking with Charlie about his Driveshaft days and explains that they made a big deal with his death.

Juliet, Danielle and Jack are planting explosives. Sayid wants to stop Danielle’s transmission so that he can send a signal to the boat, but Juliet tells him that they are jamming all of the signals from the Dharma Initiative Looking Glass Station.

Desmond comes over to talk to Charlie. He saw that Claire and Aaron leave the island on a helicopter and the only reason that this happens is that Charlie dies. This time, Desmond will not stop it.

Charlie is making a list of his 5 best moments in life. Desmond is tells him that Charlie is inside a hatch and he drowns.

Sayeed is explaining how to go about stopping the signal blocking station. Charlie volunteers. Jack doesn’t want anyone to go.

Sun tells Jin about the baby. Carl arrives at the camp, the guy who was next in the cage with Sawyer. He tells the losties that the Others are coming right away.

6 hours ago, Ben comes back to the Others’ camp. He orders his troops to get ready to get to the losties camp immediately. Alex goes to see her boyfriend Carl so that he can warn the losties.

Alex says that the Others will kill the losties. Jack says that in order for everything to work, it all has to happen at the same time. The losties will make their way to the radio tower, Sayeed, Jack and another one will stay at the camp to detonate the tents with their guns since they do not have enough wire. Charlie and Desmond will go to activate the switch to disable the jamming.

Sayeed makes Jack take the others to the radio tower, while he, Bernard and Jin stay behind to shoot the tents. Hurley wants to go with Charlie and Desmond, but Charlie makes him stay behind.

Claire leaves with her baby and doesn’t see Charlie’s ring that he had left behind for Aaron.

On the boat, Desmond thinks that he has to go down instead of Charlie. He knocks Desmond out with a paddle before he can go down and takes his place. Charlie barely makes it down. But like and idiot, he makes a lot of noise and two women come out with guns drawn.

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