Heroes S01E22 (NBC)

A few surprises are in the works for this episode.

The story lines are getting resolved and some people disappear, but will they stay away or flock back to NYC to see it explode.

Will there be enough time to stop the explosion, or will the shadow factions consolidate their hold on Nathan.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.


Peter is able to control his new power. Hiro is despondent over his broken sword and how powerful Sylar is.

In Kirby Square, there is a reunion of sorts. Bennett wants to send Peter and Ted away with Claire, so that she can stop them. She is able to stop them. Sylar sees them and he will follow them.

Linderman and Nathan Petrelli are talking about the events that will unfold in the coming hours. Linderman tells Nathan that his father had powers as well. Linderman cures Petrelli’s wife. She will be able to walk again.

Peter hears Sylar’s thoughts thanks to Parkman’s powers.

Nathan talks with Hiro about the future. He tells Nathan that he will be a bad person in the future, but Nathan says he has to stay here. Hiro says that he has already become a bad guy.

DL and Jessica are in town as well. They are here to find their son, Micah.

Hiro and Ando find the sword repair shop, with the same sigil as the sword. They find Hiro’s father in the shop. He wants to speak to Hiro alone. Ando says that he will try to make Hiro go back to Japan.

Candace is still babysitting Micah. Linderman pops in and tells Micah about his mission.

The FBI comes in to get Ted. They nab him, but Peter and Claire disappear before they get arrested. Sylar called the feds.

Hiro’s father is aware of his power. He speaks of the legacy of the Nakamuras. His father tells him that the journey restored his power. He tells him that years ago, he was allied with others who had powers to save the world, but in the end, some faltered and had become evil.

He tells him the next time he sees Sylar, he needs to kill him. To Hiro’s incredulity, his father is a master swordsman.

Candace brings Micah into an electronic voting booth and tells him to speak to the voting machine to change all of the votes to Nathan Petrelli. He makes Nathan win by a landslide.

Jessica and DL confront Nathan to find their son. He tells him where Linderman and Jessica and DL plan on killing him.

Hiro and his father are practicing kendo.

DL, Jessica, Bennett and Parkman are teaming up because they have similar goals.

Suresh and Molly are talking and he notices that her power has returned. He asks her to find Sylar, but because she can talk, Thompson walks in and wants to evac him. Thompson takes a few potshots at Parkman and Bennett. He is outsmarted by his old ally who shoots him twice in the head.

The tracking system is actually biological in nature, and her name is Molly Parker. There is a standoff when Suresh knocks Parkman out and takes his gun so that he can protect Molly.

Sylar takes advantage of Ted being detained by stealing his powers.

Hiro finishes his training with his father, only to discover that Ando bought a sword and went to kill Sylar.

Peter and Claire see the accident and find out that Ted is dead and that Sylar has gone nuclear. They both realize that Sylar will be the one to destroy NYC.

DL and Jessica go to see Linderman. Linderman tries to bribe is way out of the situation, by using Jessica. He tells her to kill DL for 20 million, but this is too much and Nikki comes back out on top.

Linderman shoots DL, but after his gloating, DL reappears behind him and liquefies Linderman’s brains. The episode ends with Sylar on a roof in NYC playing with his new nuclear powers. But will Linderman stay dead? He is able to heal others, can he heal himself? Since Claire can regenerate but not heal, it’s possible that he is just dead. Then again, Linderman has had his powers for a very long time. Will DL die of the gun shot wound?

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