Closure Upcoming For Jericho

A few days after the news of Jericho’s cancellation hit the public, CBS responds.

After a letter/e-mail campaign, it’s been reported that CBS will try and find closure for the post-apocalyptic series Jericho.

This was announced on the 20th of May 2007, after the campaign had innundated CBS with phone calls, e-mails and nuts.

From the sci-fi portal:

Less than a week after CBS pulled the plug on its post-Apocalyptic series “Jericho,” fans have apparently been making contact with the network in droves, demanding that if nothing else, CBS find closure for the cliffhanger left at the end of Season 1.

That campaign has included letter writing and even the delivery of nuts to the network, highlighting one of the final words of the series when Skeet Ulrich’s character of Jake Green tells the sheriff of the neighboring town of New Bern that is at war with Jericho, paying homage to a World War II story by his grandfather.

The campaign may have paid off, with CBS making an announcement on the official “Jericho” message boards that there could be plans in the works to at least wrap up the story.





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