24S06E24 (Fox)

It’s the season finale of the sixth season of 24.

What will happen to Jack this time?

Will he save his nephew and will Russia go to war with the USA?

Warning: Spoilers ahead.


Philip Bauer is waiting for a Chinese submarine to arrive.

Chloe collapsed because of exhaustion and dehydration. She tells him to find the oil platform that Philip Bauer owns. Nadia finds a suitable platform. Morris finds a few heat signatures on the decommissioned platform. They find the right platform. Nadia informs Tom Lennox.

Lennox informs the VP. An advisor suggests an air attack. Lennox agrees that Philip Bauer will not survive an air attack, but he can survive a surgical attack. The VP wants to send the F-18 immediately.

Behind Jack, there is a chopper. Bill wants to go as well. They get ready to commandeer the chopper. They equip themselves with a few tactical weapons and items, and board the chopper.

President Zubarov is informed of the proposed air strike. After a few seconds of discussion and the confirmation that a Chinese submarine is on the way to an oil platform, Zubarov agrees to the terms.

Nadia is helping out Bill and Jack with some sat coverage. Cheng’s men hear the helicopter. Cheng hands the component to Bauer and tells him to get on a boat to rendez-vous with the submarine. The boat has a locator beacon. Cheng then heads off to defend the platform.

Bauer takes care of a few grunts and the helicopter lands. Some nicely placed shots detonate oil barrels and blow the Chinese defenders to hell. Cheng is still alive and Bill takes him to the chopper. Jack will check out the platform to make sure that Josh isn’t on it anymore.

Philip is forcing his grandson to come along. Josh takes a mallet and strikes his grandfather as he has his back turned. He takes the gun and points it at Philip. As Philip tries to convince Josh, he fires a round into Philip’s shoulder.

After the shot, Jack comes by. Jack tells his nephew to leave. Jack leaves his father on the platform. Jack jumps onto a rope that Bill had deployed underneath right as the platform explodes from the missiles.

President Zubarov concurs that the target has been destroyed and that the situation is diffused.

Jack falls into the water hanging from the rope ladder, but he makes it ashore by swimming the last few yards. The chopper lands and Jack says his goodbyes.

Tom pleads once more for Karen Hayes and Bill Buchanan and gets his way. They will be able to resign. Lennox hands over the recording to the VP.

Chloe is pregnant.

Karen is being informed of the situation by Lennox. Nadia gets the new from Bill about Jack.

Jack confronts Secretary Heller. He wants to find Audrey. He wants to know why Heller didn’t come after him in China. Jack tells Heller that he is angry with Jack because Audrey defied Heller’s wishes and went after Jack.

Jack sees her and he says he wants to take care of her. He makes his way to a patio and looks at the sea.

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