Lost S03E22-23 (ABC) Season Finale: Through The Looking Glass

It’s the season finale of Lost, with a few surprises ahead.

Don’t read if you haven’t seen the episode.

Or read to see all of the spoilers.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.


The episode opens up with Jack on an Oceanic flight with a voluminous beard. He lands and is driving his car, and then he falls apart. He had just read on the plane that someone has died. As he prepared to commit suicide by jumping off a bridge, a car has an accident on the bridge.

At the camp, the losties are getting ready for the assault. Sayid tells Jack that he is ready to die to secure a rescue for their group. The losties move out to get to the antenna. Naomi shows Jack how to operate the sat phone.

Charlie is getting interrogated by the two women in the station. He tells them that Juliet is one of them. They decide that they have to call Ben. Charlie remembers Desmond’s words about his death. Ben is informed by the girls about Charlie. Ben sends Mikhail down to the Looking Glass station.

Ben tries to contact Ryan, but they are already in radio silence. The tactical team is moving into the losties’ camp. Sayid, Bernard and Jin are waiting for them. The booby traps work well, but the three men are easily overwhelmed. They manage to detonate only two tents and inflict light casualties to the Others. They actually killed 7 of them.

In the ER, Jack is getting stitched up by a doctor. It turns out that he saved a few people on the bridge. His ex-wife Sarah turns up. She asks him why he was driving around alone at 2AM in the morning.

In the underwater station, Charlie tells the women what he is going to do. One of them asks him if he has the code. Charlie says that it doesn’t matter, since the whole station will be flooded.

At the losties’ camp, Bernard spills the beans. He tells him everything. Ryan tells Ben about what happened. Ben wants to go to the radio tower. He takes Alex with him.

During the trek, Kate confronts Sawyer about his attitude. He doesn’t reveal a thing. On the boat, Desmond finally wakes up. Mikhail takes potshots at him from the beach. To avoid the shots, Desmond jumps overboard and gets to the Looking Glass station.

Charlie pretends to sing to hide Desmond’s arrival.

This is a Jack-centric episode. Jack is a mess. He wants to do the surgery on the woman he saved. The attending Dr. Hamilton doesn’t let him. Anyway, Jack’s hands are shaking badly.

Sawyer decides to go back to the beach. Kate wants to go with him but Sawyer tells her to stay there. Juliet says she knows where there are some guns. She will go with Sawyer.

Mikhail arrives at the station. He isn’t happy to discover what is going on. Ben talks with him. Ben asks him to clean up the mess that he made. He asks him to kill Greta and Bonnie as well, because they can’t be allowed to tell the others about the station’s purpose.

Juliet admits to James that there aren’t any guns, she just lied so that they could go back to the beach. Hugo shows up, but Sawyer turns him back very quickly. Ben tells Alex that he is delivering her to her new family, the losties. Ben has this plan of being able to convince the losties of turning back.

Locke wakes up. He is about to shoot himself, when he is stopped by Walt. Walt tells him to get out of the ditch.

Jack tells Kate that Sawyer didn’t want her to come with him because he cared for her.

The second part of the season finale is also a Jack-centric episode. He arrives at the funeral parlor. Jack refuses to view the body. He is the only one that came to the viewing.

When the losties arrive near the antenna, they see Ben and Alex. Under the water, Mikhail shoots Greta and Bonnie. Bonnie isn’t dead yet. Mikhail is about to finish her off, but Desmond comes out and shoots Mikhail with a spear gun. Desmond wants to finish off Bonnie, but Charlie says that they need her.

Jack is trying to get some oxycodone. He is addicted to painkillers.

Ben tells Jack that he is going to kill everyone. Ben says that Naomi is going to betray everyone. Ben says that everyone will be killed.

Ben asks for his walkie-talkie. He wants the sat phone. If he doesn’t give it, Tom will kill Jin, Bernard and Sayid. Jack doesn’t cave in and he hears the shots over the walkie-talkie. Jack says that he will save his people and then he will kill Tom.

Bonnie gives Charlie the code after he tells her that Ben wanted her dead. Alex meets her mom, Danielle. Jack tells Kate that the others are dead, but that they can’t tell anyone about it yet.

But… They aren’t dead. We see Tom and Ryan arguing about the situation. Hurley drives the VW bus through the camp and rams Ryan. As Sawyer comes around with a gun, Sayid kills the other guard. Tome tries to get to a gun, but he is outmaneuvered by Juliet. Sawyer shoots him.

Jack is totally wasted. Dr. Hamilton tells him that Mrs Arlen, the woman he saved, is awake and lucid. She describes that she was distracted by Jack’s suicide attempt. That’s what caused the accident.

Hurley broadcasts a message to tell everyone that they are OK.

Charlie disables the jamming system. He is talking with Penelope. Charlie asks her if she is on the boat. He calls Desmond, but Mikhail is gone. Charlie sees him with a grenade on the other side of the glass of the station. He detonates it and Charlie knows that he is going to die. Desmond tries to save him, but to no avail. Charlie scribbles something on his hand before drowning. He writes that it’s “Not Penny’s Boat” on his hand to warn Desmond.

The sat-phone is working. Who is Naomi?

The losties arrive at the broadcasting station and Rousseau stops the recording. Naomi can’t get a signal yet.

She finally makes a connection, but she is killed by a knife flung by Locke.

Locke tells Jack that he is not supposed to do this. Jack talks to someone. And they say that they will come to rescue the losties.

In the flashback, Jack finally has the guts to call the person that he has been trying to call for the last few days. He meets Kate. From their conversation, it looks like this happens after they are rescued from the island. Kate asks why he called her. He tells her that he has been using the golden pass that they received from Oceanic Airlines every weekend to fly to Tokyo and Sydney in hope that it crashes on the island once more. Jack says that they weren’t meant to be rescued, they have to go back. Kate leaves.

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