Big Brother Australia 2007 Day 36 Eviction

It’s another eviction in BBAU 2007, and Andrew doesn’t even know he is nominated!

Who will go?

Andrew, Nick or Rebecca?

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Only Laura and Nick deduced that Andrew would be nominated this week and that Emma would be saved once again. Maybe the other HM are aware of this, but they didn’t talk about it to the others.

The HM are informed that Emma was saved by Demet’s voice. Andrew is informed that he is nominated. Andrew is surprised. I wonder why? Because of him, Demet is gone. Later on, he says that he was 100% sure that he was nominated. Obviously, he is either lying or acting stupid, because he wasn’t dressed up or anything.

Hayley joins Gretel on stage. She gets her prizes.

The next evictee is Nick. That was easy to predict, he was just too negative. Nick got 51% of the merged vote. He described himself as rude and insensitive to Travis, but he didn’t let out his true feelings because he didn’t want to be nominated all of the time.

Gretel is probing deeply about Nick’s motivations, but Nick is not giving up any ground.

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