Big Brother Australia 2007 Day 36

It’s right after FNL and things are starting to get to people in the BBAU house.

Susannah is talked about because she doesn’t do anything.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Andrew won FNL and it’s his 3rd time in the rewards room since he entered the BBAU house. He decided to take Thomas with him. Thomas finished second.

Thomas says that he’s closest with Jamie and Susannah. He doesn’t get along that well with Zoran.

Back in the house, Nick has to hug every single person who talks to him. He is talking about the FNL games and how he hates loosing all the time.

Andrew and Thomas are in the rewards room and are enjoying the massage chairs. Andrew says that he goes week by week and selects people who annoy him. He doesn’t hold a grudge. Thomas says that Emma is the person who he’d like out of the house. He also thinks that Nick is too negative. Andrew agrees with that assessment.

Nick expected Andrew to take him, but that didn’t happen. He is talking with Laura and Rebecca in the chill out room. Thomas gives a gigantic hug to Susannah; he is happy to be in the rewards room. He continues by picking her up and doing arm curls with her. Both of them enjoy looking at themselves in the mirrors.

Susannah gets her feet washed by Joel in the bathroom. She is very ticklish. Zoran has to join in as well. Zoran, Billy and Joel are talking about people. Billy doesn’t like Susannah’s attitude. Zoran agrees, but he still likes her.

Zoran goes right back to tell Susannah about her attitude. She keeps talking over people and has gotten a lot louder. He also tells her that some people think that she is selfish and only cares about herself.

Meanwhile, Billy is talking to Aleisha and Emma about Susannah and Zoran. Billy doesn’t really like Susannah because she doesn’t do any chores.

Thomas jumps and lays on Susannah for a few seconds. He asks if this was inappropriate. She says that it might be inappropriate to someone else. Susannah has a boyfriend outside of the house.

The next morning, the HM have to do their New Year’s task once more. Emma and Aleisha are cleaning up the confetti. Nick and Andrew help out.

Susannah and Rebecca talk about the jumping/laying incident with Thomas of last night. Susannah doesn’t want it to progress, but she doesn’t want him to be humiliated in front of everyone. She says that at least Zoran never crosses the line, however Thomas is giving her signals that he does want more.

Billy and Emma are talking once more about Susannah. They say that she is on holiday. Billy is also upset because Daniela and Rebecca were up until 4 AM the night before and disturbed his sleep. Both of them are saying that they are loosing it.

Andrew is distributing the tasks. He is going to be the shopper-chef. Joel is baker. Kitchen hand is Laura. Environmental watchdog is Billy. Farmhand is Zoran. Housekeeper is Daniela. Janitor is Rebecca. Laundry attendant is Susannah.

Andrew, Thomas and Zoran are talking how funny Billy is; today it looks like everything is pissing him off. Meanwhile, Susannah goes back to sleep. In the yard, Emma tells Billy that he has to do his job properly, because they can’t use the gym since Jamie didn’t clean the backyard. Emma runs around in the backyard and gets chased for a lap by Joel.

Nick starts to wash his clothes. He is warned by BB that only Susannah can wash the laundry. He is fined 1$ for the shopping budget.

Susannah and Thomas are talking about last night. He asked her last night if she likes him more than a friend. Thomas says that its no problem, he was just a bit enthused last night.

Nick is talking about his fine with Susannah and Rebecca and in fact, Emma is totally pissed off because of this. Aleisha says that if he apologized for this, it wouldn’t be a problem. But he didn’t.

Emma is informing the intruders, Laura and Daniela, about the rules about the food. Susannah and Nick pass a few comments about this.

Zoran is getting told off by Laura and he doesn’t like it.

Andrew had $67 AU remaining from the BB shop. He didn’t manage to use up the entire budget. For some reason, Rebecca, Laura, Susannah and Daniela are exercising with thongs over their gym outfits. Emma and Aleisha find it ridiculous. Aleisha asks Emma if she didn’t want to do it. Emma says that she wasn’t asks. They surmise that they other girls and Nick don’t like them.

Aleisha comments that Susannah has a good body. Emma says that Susannah’s got big thighs, legs and arms. Emma says that Susannah’s body is like a boy’s. They both leave the backyard and go back inside.

BB says that there have been 20 breaches in the task, so BB is taking away 2000$ per breach of the task rules. The HM get 10000 into the prize money. Emma makes it a point to go to BB to talk about Nick.

Earlier in the week, Emma stole a Starburst snack for Aleisha’s birthday. Nick is talking about the nominations with Laura. They deduce that Andrew is nominated.

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