Big Brother Australia 2007 Day 37 Nominations

It’s the nominations and Nick is here to give his opinons on the matter.

A few HM are singled out this week.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Nick joins Gretel on stage for the nominations. Nick says that he stopped smoking for the time he spent in the house. He says it affected his behaviour. He started smoking again. Laura and Daniela can’t be nominated or nominate since they are intruders.

Jamie is in trouble because he made the HM loose the gym and because he says he analyzes people and their body language all the time.

Emma: 2pts Rebecca, 1pt Jamie
Thomas: 2pts Zoran, 1pt Travis
Aleisha: 2pts Jamie, 1pt Rebecca
Billy: 2pts Jamie, 1pt Rebecca
Joel: 2pts Jamie, 1pt Rebecca
Rebecca: 2pts Joel, 1pt Emma
Travis: 2pts Jamie, 1pt Rebecca
Andrew: 2pts Zoran, 1pt Rebecca
Jamie: 2pts Emma, 1pt Zoran
Susannah: 2pts Emma, 1pt Zoran
Zoran: 2pts Jamie, 1pt Rebecca

Jamie gets 11 pts, Rebecca 8 and Zoran has 6pts. Andrew decides to save Zoran and nominates himself. BB doesn’t accept it. So he nominates Susannah. The nominees are Jamie, Rebecca and Susannah. This week, it’s either Jamie or Rebecca who will be leaving, my bet is on Rebecca.

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