Big Brother Australia 2007 Day 37

There is more and more gossip and the HM greet the Nick’s goodbye message with a smile on their faces.

Nick comes clean to most of the HM.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

The HM still can’t use the gym, but Billy is hard at work trying to get the gym privileges back. Emma and Aleisha are concerned about him and his attitude.

In the rewards room, Andrew reveals that he will give 1pt to Emma. Thomas has problems nominating. They both talk about Susannah and her princess complex as well as her laziness.

Rebecca is talking to Daniela, and Zoran exclaims that she needs to slow down when she talks. She retorts that he needs to learn to communicate better.

Nick just got evicted and the HM are still concerned. Some people are happy that Nick is gone, others are more upset, like Susannah and Jamie.

Susannah and Daniela are glad that Rebecca is still here. Emma and Aleisha are talking about Nick. Emma says that he didn’t like him, because he told her multiple times that she intimidated him.

Susannah and Thomas are talking, and it shows that he continues flirting with her.

Daniela and Jamie are talking about his foster child experience. He says that back then, nothing was really yours, that is why he protects and finds his possessions important. He admits that he has trouble talking about it.

Thomas continues the flirting by bringing Susannah to the living room on his back. Andrew and Emma are talking about the upcoming message from Nick. There is a frank discussion on why Nick found Emma intimidating. Travis says that it’s probably because she is the ultimate woman, Zoran mentions that it’s her looks and how she carries herself.

Daniela says that she doesn’t really wants to please everyone. Emma mentions that she is independent. Travis wants to see the real Nick. Nick starts off by telling Joel that isn’t as funny as he thinks he is, but Nick still enjoyed spending time with him. He also enjoyed spending time with Susannah and Thomas. He was happy he didn’t get to know Aleisha because he didn’t like her.

Nick tells Emma that she needs to nicer to everyone, maybe then she won’t be nominated every single week. Nick says that at times, he has had trouble with Travis, but he knows that underneath, Travis is a good guy.

Jamie is told that he was by Nick, as well as Rebecca. Aleisha and Emma were sorry that Nick didn’t bring anything up with them.

Thomas admits that he wasn’t that close to Nick, but he thinks that Nick just found him cute. Thomas and Susannah are talking about their relationship and cleaning up their things. Thomas says that if Zoran comes looking for them, that means that Zoran has the hots for Susannah. Susannah admits that she knows about that, but it hasn’t gotten awkward between her and Zoran. Susannah says that she doesn’t want to go back to her life the way it was. She starts crying about it. She says that she is scared of going back into the real world. Thomas says that he was married for 6 years and worked, didn’t spend any money and did all that was expected of him. All he ended up with was a broken heart. Zoran walks by. Susannah asks Thomas if Zoran is jealous. Thomas says yes.

Thomas wants to hug Susannah, but he isn’t going to do that anymore, because it would cross the line. Meanwhile, Jamie and Rebecca are talking about Nick and the state of the house after Nick’s departure. Rebecca says she really appreciates Jamie.

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