Big Brother Australia 2007 Day 38

It’s time for a new task.

One of the intruders is very grumpy.

In fact, both intruders are already annoying people.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Billy and Zoran wake up to find that all of the food is gone. BB delivers soy milk and oats. The HM don’t know what they did wrong. Rebecca is talking about nothing with Travis. Travis says something about people having their heads in the clouds.

Travis is making fun of Rebecca’s numerology attempts. She mentioned that if you take the numbers from the word “attitude” you get 100.

The HM are informed about their new task, which involves doing a Bollywood musical and all things Indian. They choose Jamie as a director. The didn’t really choose him, they asks people who can’t really dance, and Jamie forcefully says that he can’t dance.

The HM have often wondered about the phone in the BBAU house. Now, a sign appeared to tell them that if the phone rings, it has to be answered. Andrew and the other HM are happy to find Indian staples in the diary room.

Andrew and Daniela are starting to cook. They are all excited, except Laura; she doesn’t like spicy food. Aleisha doesn’t like hot food. Travis doesn’t really know either, because he has never had Indian food.

Emma and Andrew talk about Daniela’s attitude. They don’t like the intruders. They are talking with Billy. They say that Daniela has taking a liking to Susannah, so she doesn’t do a lot. I’m surprised that Andrew and Emma are talking.

Laura comes to join them. She starts to complain. She says that she is grumpy. The HM are enjoying the food, except Laura.

Aleisha and Emma are complaining to BB about the intruders. They ask if that was their purpose. They say that both girls are alpha type personalities and Laura complaining about the chilies in Indian food is annoying.

Laura and Daniela are talking about Laura’s bad day. Daniela is upset that she has to ask permission to cook.

Rebecca and Jamie are talking about the upcoming eviction and Jamie is upset that if she goes, it will be hard for him in the house.

Susannah figures out that Andrew nominated her, because he couldn’t make eye contact with her.

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