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Currently, I’m enjoying the 6th season of Star Trek: Voyager, which I started on the weekend. I’ve only seen these episodes a total of 2 times before starting the current batch of shows; once when they aired originally and once when I got them on DVD.

High points include Scorpion Part I and II(S03E24 & S04E01), Year of Hell part I and II (S04E08 & S04E09), Dark Frontier (S05E15 & S05E16), Hope and Fear (S04E26), Relativity (S05E24) and a few other notable episodes.

I still believe that the best series of Star Trek is Deep Space Nine, once the Dominion War starts. For once, there are interlinked stories that span a few seasons. But, Babylon 5 is still the best example of such a series. It’s too bad that that series, including Babylon Crusade and the Rangers series all got shelved or cancelled.

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