Big Brother Australia 2007 Day 39

The HM are informed of the full extent of this week’s task.

And they aren’t happy. Well, at least half of them.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Jamie plays his role as the director, distributes the cast roles of the bollywood musical. What he doesn’t know, is that BB has plans for these stars. Travis, Daniela, Rebecca, Aleisha, Travis, Joel and Andrew will get star treatment in the BBAU house for the remainder of the week. The other HM will be considered extras and will need to serve the stars. They need to say “namaste” and boy their heads. They must also do everything a star asks. Give up their mattresses and cook/serve all of the meals.

The stars can ring a bell and request anything they want of the extras. The pool, gym and spa are off limits for the extras. Laura doesn’t like it at all. She calls it slavery. Thomas thinks she is mad.

The stars also receive extra food, fresh fruit and meat. Andrew is complaining about Laura to the other stars. The stars are already testing their new powers on Thomas, but he takes it well. Emma doesn’t look happy. Laura hatches a plan to make the stars’ food really spicy tonight. She is going to get into trouble. Laura says this will crack her. Billy becomes part of the plan, in fact all of the extras are happy to oblige.

The stars have to practice their roles for an hour each night with their director. Rebecca is the only one gasping for air after trying her food. Rebecca wants a glass of milk, Emma wonders if she wants a kick in the face. Emma predicts that they will get even more chilies in their food tomorrow night.

Emma and Billy are talking about the task. Aleisha joins them. I wonder if this will put a wedge between Emma and Aleisha. Daniela gets underneath Emma’s skin when she says that there were too many cloves in the curry. Emma leaves and complains to Billy about this situation. She doesn’t like Daniela. Emma even says that Aleisha is getting to her, saying that the Indian food is like staples, when it most definitely isn’t.

Thomas, Daniela and Susannah are in the chill out room. Extras aren’t allowed to snack between meal times, but Thomas smuggled some nuts into the room. The other HM are toying with Billy.

Daniela is asked about the group dynamics. She says that all she sees is a bitch in the house and a bunch of clueless followers.

For his crimes involving nuts, BB assigns Thomas to the punishment room. He has to separate 10000 staples by hand.

Rebecca asks Zoran about the day from his point of view. He says that at times it was heated, but probably the most difficult part was giving up his mattress.

The HM go to bed at 2:34 AM, and Thomas is still separating the staples.

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