Month: June 2007

  • Roc

    My last post had a strange title in hindsight, not obvious in its meaning to all readers. A roc is a giant sized eagle, from mythology. A roc or rukh (from Persian رخ rokh[1]) is an enormous mythical bird of prey, often white, reputed to have been able to carry off and eat elephants. I…

  • A Crypto Zoological Convocation Of Rocs

    I can’t remember the last time that I slept in past 9 AM. I got up at around at 10 AM, a few hours after the wife left for work. I’ve continued writing bits and pieces of my story Symria. It’s working out alright. I’m using a Planescape inspired setting. It’s an incredible setting, I’ve…

  • Strange Taiwanese Names

    Taiwanese children receive a bunch of names. They get a Chinese name and an English name. Some Taiwanese parents have strange ideas about the English names; they put together strange sounds, most probably in a language they don’t speak that well. Getting an English name is common for Chinese people, whether it’s Taiwanese, from Hong…

  • Raining Again

    It’s raining like cats and dogs again. Yesterday, I had forgotten my umbrella, so I borrowed the school’s umbrella. When I arrived at the MRT station, it broke. I’ve been taking the scooter to the MRT station. It cuts down on two things; the walk and the sweating. Also, I find that I am discovering…

  • Big Brother Australia 2007 Day 67

    The weekly task has been put into place while the HM have been asleep. There are numbers on the wall. The HM have to choose a number on the chime. Zoran chooses #1 and gets luxury treatment and food. Billy chooses #2 and becomes Zoran’s slave. Warning: Spoilers ahead.

  • Big Brother Australia 2007 Day 66

    Aleisha is nominated with the rest of the HM because the HM failed the task. Jamie had an interesting dream about his eviction. Joel comes to the diary room. He tells BB he expected to be nominated. The HM are making a pizza. Zach is in the gym on the weights. Warning: Spoilers ahead.

  • Big Brother UK 8 Day 30

    Samanda (that’s the collective name of the twins, Sam+Amanda) has a psychic test to see if they have any telepathic talents. The twins choose Liam and Nicky to go into their special party with them. All of the food wasn’t what it appeared to be. They had a food fight. The HM have to compose…

  • Big Brother UK 8 Day 29

    The HM are on slop for failing the sleeping task. Billi and Charley get sent to the happy room. After a few minutes, it’s driving them insane. Jonathan wants to leave the BBUK house. Warning: Spoilers ahead.

  • Big Brother UK 8 Day 28

    It’s another round of nominations and Charley managed to skate by again! The nominees are Billi, Carole, Charley, Nicky and Tracey. However Charley and Billi talked about nominations, their nominations will be invalidated. Therefore, the HM nominated for eviction are Billi, Carole and Tracey. Warning: Spoilers ahead.

  • Terms For Animal Collectives, Groups Of Animals, Birds And Insects

    As I mentioned earlier today in an aside, I’ve been looking for a page like this for a while. It hasn’t really come up before, but recently I have been writing more of my children’s novel Symria which involves a few different magical animals, derived from existing animals. I’ve decided to include the full information…