Big Brother UK 8 Day 1

It’s the live launch of the Big Brother UK series!

New HM, new twists!

The UK version of the show has always been interesting to watch, and a lot more entertaining than any other BB show out there. (In English, since I can’t follow the Swedish verison.)

I’m a bit upset that Russel Brand isn’t hosting Big Brother’s Big Mouth anymore, that show will suck now without his humor.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

The house is slightly different from last season. I have read that they are construction the new BBUK house for next season on a new location. The house is actually completely renovated, with annoying quirks sure to get to the HM. The oven is in the bedroom, the fridge is outside in the garden, the sink is on one side of the house, while the water source to wash the dishes is on the other side. The diary room looks like something out of Tron. The bath is in the living room. There are twin showers, that are really nicely designed. The bathroom looks really nice.

The first HM we meet are Sam and Amanda, a pair of twins, two blonde 18 year old social worker students. Both love fit boys and pink things. They scream a lot. The next HM is named Lesley and is 60 year old. She is a retired headhunter. Charley is an unemployed 21 year old. She used to be a lap-dancer. She’s taking 60 pairs of knickers into the house. She’s already crying because she got booed. The next HM is Tracey, who looks a bit like a man. She’s a 37 year old cleaner. I thought she was a transsexual, but I was wrong. She is a woman. She reminds me a bit of Pete, but with less swearing. Chanelle is next. She is a 19 year old student/banker. She is obsessed by Victoria Beckham. She looks a bit like her.

Shabnam is a 22 year old girl from London. She is unemployed. Emily is a 19 year old drama student. She is wearing a preggers dress; a dress that makes her look pregnant. Laura is a 23 year old Welsh plus sized nanny. She hates smoking and loves cooking. Food makes her happy, by her own admission. She isn’t getting any boos. Nicky is a 27 year old key accounts executive in a bank. She was born in Bombay and came to the UK when she was 1. She is catholic because on her mother’s side that she is Irish. She loves cigarettes and electro music. She’s got a problem with men. She hates them. She was adopted and loves hot sauce.

In the house, Tracey already looks a bit alienated. It’s funny how the first thing that the HM do when going down the stairs into the BBUK house is to swear.

Carole is a 53 year old bisexual Londoner. She is an unemployed sexual health worker. She is involved in protests and demonstrations. She looks like a swearing grandma. Lesley is shocked by Carole.

On Friday, just one man will join the female HM.

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