Big Brother UK 8 Day 2

The BBUK house is filled with women and the bitching is about to start earnestly.

Will there be any men joining them?

Davina hinted that on Friday, a man would enter the BBUK house.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

After Emily comes into the house, Charley remarks that there aren’t any guys in the house. Lesley looks out of sorts. The twins do an impromptu jingle about Emily. Lesley wants to get out already. Shabs says that there are guys in another house, Charley finds the whole situation weird.

The girls request alcohol and guys. Lesley thinks that there are guys in the diary room. The women are let into the bedroom. Lesley takes the only single bed in the room. The twins are jumping around on one of the big beds.

The bitching has started already. The twins take the pool waters and pour it onto the plants. She wants to eat a strawberry, but they smell of fish. Nicky, Chanelle, Lesley and Laura are in the kitchen. Nicky and Chanelle play with Laura’s boobs. She wants to make them smaller, but doesn’t want a reduction. Supposedly, they cut off the nipples when they do that procedure. That’s what she says.

Laura comes to the diary room. Emily and Nicky are talking about the twins. They are smoking. Lesley and Tracey are talking about the twins as well. Lesley finds them a bit noisy. Tracey says that she doesn’t bathe everyday, she’s natural, she’s just Trace.

Charley says that she’s here for fame and to meet new people. She shows off her fake boobs to Chanelle. Tracey says that she’s just Trace, she doesn’t do make-up. Carole wonders what it would be like to be in prison. It is somewhat similar to being in the BBUK house.

Nicky and Carole discover play and record buttons on the stove. Lesley is in the diary room and confesses she is completely lost culturally wise with the younger people. While the younger girls are talking about relationships, Lesley goes to bed.

Carole and Nicky are in the bathroom talking about their reasons for being chosen to get into the BBUK house. Tracey is outside smoking.

“What does Laura mean in English?” the twins.

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