Big Brother UK 8 Day 3

It’s time for Man Friday, and a man is going to enter the BBUK house filled with 11 women.

How are the women going to react to his presence?

Read on to find out.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Chanelle, Laura, Carole and Lesley are up and about. The other HM are still sleeping. The twins still have make-up on. In fact, the first thing that they twins do is put on some make-up, even before showering. Laura is preparing breakfast. Tracey looks super grumpy. Lesley and Amanda put on more make-up. It’s a make-up house!

Charley informs the other HM that Lesley was peeing in the shower. Nicky wants Lesley to be told, no to pee in the shower, after Chanelle tells the HM that Carole cleans up the shower. Carole delegates herself to talk with Lesley about the situation.

Nicky and Shabs are talking about personality layers and how they would never shut up. The HM are discussing about household chores. They are distributing the tasks. Carole addresses the pissing in the shower. Lesley purses her lips.

It’s later in the day, and the twins and Shabs are in the pool. Charley and Chanelle are in the bathroom and Nicky is in the bathroom. Carole is in the diary room. She thinks that Lesley will get isolated in the house, more than herself.

Carole dives into the pool with her glasses, with Laura and Lesley in attendance. Chanelle is in the diary room. She says that Charley is bitchy. She has problem with the word convolute. She would have wanted Charley to confront Lesley. She doesn’t like backstabbing bitching, like the bitching that is going on right now.

Nicky, Sam and Amanda are in the bathroom. Lesley, Charley and Shabs are in the garden. The younger girls are smoking. Lesley says that her problem is her shyness.

“Nice, but lala.” Shabs.

Lesley has been in the garden for quite awhile. Laura prepares lunch and most of the HM are at the dinner table. Chanelle wants to be a WAG (wife or girlfriend) of a footballer. Charley tells Chanelle that it’s messed up. Charley thinks that she’s being an idiot for wanting to be a WAG.

Charley is knackered and starts to cry a bit. It is because the HM were sequestered before entering the BBUK house.

The HM have to learn to breakdance. The HM have been split into two teams. After the practice, the HM wonder how old Lesley is. Emily goes out and asks Lesley when she was born, but Lesley refuses to answer.

The HM are discussing on how the men will be integrated into the BBUK house. Nicky and Lesley are talking about the situation in the house with BB. Nicky is envious of some other HM because they are more upbeat than her. Nicky is feeling a bit down.

All of the HM are gathered together for the dance-off. Shabs starts off against Carole. It is strange to say, but Carole’s dance was actually better than Shabs’. Last battle, is between Tracey and Sam/Amanda. Charley beat Lesley. Emily beat Chanelle. Nicky beat Laura. Tracey won against Sam/Amanda.

Carole’s crew won. Shabs says that they are going to the boy’s house. They got some trophies and that was it.

Tracey is in the diary room complaining about how she needs some male input. She hasn’t been really talking to the other HM because it’s just gotten too girly. Tracey is crying because she feels alone in the house. She gets out of the room and feels that she has nothing in common with the girls. She is talking with Nicky while they are smoking.

Laura is in the diary room complaining about the lack of boys.

The first man that they introduce to the viewers is Ziggy, a 26 year old dog loving music producer/promoter. He used to be in a boy-band Northerline when he was younger. He enters the house in a smart cut suit.

Ziggy is called to the BBUK house. He loves being the only man in the house. Ziggy is given a letter from BB. He has to gather the other HM. Ziggy is informed that he will be the only HM who will nominate next week.

Ziggy is informed about the sleeping arrangement.

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