Big Brother UK 8 Day 5

The previous all-female BBUK house is reacting to the presence of a man in their midst.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Charley drops some sugar and is told to pick up. But she doesn’t want to do it right away and doesn’t want to be nagged. Charley is talking about her wardrobe. She complains how people copy her the next week.

Emily mentions to Charley that she is name-dropping, but she doesn’t really understand what that means. She says that she isn’t and that she knows.

Emily, Carole and Laura are talking about Muslim. The younger girls are a bit ignorant about the situation. Later on, she complains to Lesley that she will have to tweeze her facial hair away.

BB has asked the HM to pack their suitcases. BB gathered the HM on the sofa. This is right before Ziggy comes in. The HM are informed that Ziggy will be the only person who will nominate.

Charley thinks that Ziggy has funny lips and funny teeth, but she thinks he is fit. Laura says that her nickname is wangers. Ziggy doesn’t buy that, but he says that he will call her that.

Chanelle is flirting with Ziggy already. She asks him for a t-shirt and he obliges. Later on, she comes out with the t-shirt on and no pants. Outside, the girls are saying that Ziggy is a flirt. Ziggy is talking to Lesley about her reasons to be in the house.

Charley is upset because somebody ate her food. Nicky is trying to calm her down, but it doesn’t work. Nicky is the one who cooked. Charley keeps saying that she isn’t bothered, but she is bothered. She is being a bitch.

Lesley tells Emily that Ziggy knows someone who looks like her.

Outside, Nicky and Emily are talking about Charley’s attitude. Inside, Charley is still going on about it. She even went to the diary room to complain. Ziggy stakes out his sleeping position in the bedroom. Ziggy goes into the diary room. Ziggy thinks that Charlie is a bit unstable. He likes Chanelle. He says that she is his type.

Most of the HM are still in bed. Charley is talking to Shabs about the food situation once again. Meanwhile, Nicky, Ziggy, Carole and Lesley are outside talking about the same thing.

Chanelle is complaining about the size of her boobs. Meanwhile, Charley is in the pool topless. Emily and Laura are talking about Ziggy. Emily says that she is not her type. Nick doesn’t the over-familiarity that Ziggy assumes, but he seems like a nice guy.

Lesley convenes a house meeting. Tracey is a bit pissed because they haven’t done their jobs with the chores. Ziggy would like some space in the bedroom. Carole says that she washed her towel and hung out to dry and someone stole it; it was Charley.

Chanelle is talking about the sleeping situation. Tracey is upset because Lesley is making them talk some more. Like a performance. Later, the girls are talking about the meeting. Charley mentions that Carole said that the girls should try and stop talking behind Charley’s back.

Emily and Nicky are in the garden smoking. They are talking about Charley. They think she isn’t nice, and that she is causing conflict. Nicky says that Charley doesn’t realize what she is doing. Lesley has come to the diary room and requests to leave. BB asks her to sleep on the matter.

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